NVISNx Extends Collaboration with Platform Science

NVISNx Extends Collaboration with Platform Science

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, April 26, 2021

NVISNx announces that it had extended its partnership with Platform Science for another two years. 

FREMONT, CA: NVISNx, a pioneering PaaS information governance, risk, and enforcement (iGRC) solution dedicated to assisting businesses in effectively detecting and protecting all sensitive data, has announced that its collaboration agreement had been extended for another two years with Platform Science, a major connected vehicle platform. Platform Science develops fleet management and driver-facing applications that meet the stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring customer data security and confidentiality. Platform Science will use the NVISNx solution to inventory and identify data across every repository, associate sensitive data with user activities, cyber controls, and vulnerabilities to auto-correlate risk levels or priorities and improve the efficacy of data protection controls to keep ahead of any risks.

“As a leader in the connected vehicle space, Platform Science has earned a reputation for making the right choices regarding data security and helping our clients meet their business goals,” noted Chas Wurster, EVP of Technology at Platform Science. “One of our top priorities is complete data protection. We have commitments to never sell customer data and likewise to do everything possible to prevent unauthorized access. By partnering with NVISNx, we enhance our ability to protect access to critical data and manage the destruction of data that is no longer needed. We are excited to leverage NVISNx’s centralized view of data and risks which will help us ensure that we are complying with all government regulations around privacy and information security as they continue to evolve and as our business enters into new markets.”

“We are excited that Platform Science has entrusted us to protect their most critical asset – their data,” said Glen Day, CEO of NVISNx. “In doing so, Platform Science has aligned its business goals with those of its customers and demonstrates the highest level of trust. Since we’ve begun working with Platform Science, we’ve seen the company continue to close and renew deals with Fortune 500 companies that now view Platform Science as a trusted partner and a market leader.”

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