Point Pickup's GigPoint to Help Manage Worker Rewards

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 26, 2021

GigPoint platform from Point Pickup gives gig workers new opportunities to earn, manage, and enjoy their employment.

Fremont, CA

Employees are motivated to do their best when they have a positive experience which is why organizations must regularly reward their employees in some or the other way. Employees will feel more secure about their work and less fearful of failure if their company exudes a supportive atmosphere. Employees that have a positive attitude toward their company are more enthusiastic about their work. GigPoint, a one-of-a-kind platform designed to help the ever-growing network of gig workers better manage crucial aspects of their work and lives with job-based rewards and vital services such as banking and insurance, is being launched by Point Pickup Technologies, an enterprise-grade last-mile fulfillment and delivery provider that returns customer control to retailers. GigPoint's future versions will provide more job assistance features as well as more community-building capabilities.

Rewards, banking, and insurance are the three services that are currently available. Flex workers can earn points by fulfilling successful orders through Point Pickup, which they can then trade for benefits such as cash bonuses, vacations, service and product discounts, and other advantages. Flex workers may manage their funds successfully using PointTrust (in cooperation with Sutton Bank, Member FDIC) without worrying about overdrafts or monthly fees. They can also use GigPoint to acquire a variety of affordable insurance packages, including health, dental, and vision coverage.

The initial GigPoint features are coupled to a Point Pickup internal retention and job motivation study to identify top work-benefit needs for its flex workers. The most popular request was for an easy-to-use loyalty program with immediate access to prizes.

“From day one, our flex workers have been the heartbeat of our company. But we've recognized that the gig economy is becoming too fractured to be sustainable in the long term, and access to better care benefits for our workers is more necessary than ever,” states Tom Fiorita, CEO of Point Pickup.

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