QIMA Introduces QIMAone to Increase Transparency in Supply Chain

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

QIMA announced the launch of QIMAone, a smart platform that brings transparency and collaboration to the supply chain.

FREMONT, CA: QIMA, a provider of quality control and supplier compliance solutions, has announced the launch of QIMAone. It is a smart platform that brings transparency and collaboration to the supply chain. It is done by connecting the brands with the entire supply network, allowing real-time visibility of their full supply ecosystem, and a shared view of quality performance in a unified platform. The digital solution will even help the brands reduce disruptions when outside events have compromised visibility, resilience, and flexibility, leaving supply chains vulnerable to risk.

In the July 2020 survey of over 200 businesses conducted by QIMA, almost 87 percent of respondents said the COVID-19 pandemic would initiate significant transformation in controlling their supply chains going forward. Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported that the pandemic had increased their organization's resolution to digitize their supply chain.

QIMAone can bring every player in the supply chain together by offering the brands full visibility of quality operations from factories to stores. Inspectors from factories, third-party agencies, and brands can utilize the QIMAone mobile app for collecting data on-site more efficiently, submit real-time interactive reports, and chat about corrective actions. The system provides meaningful analytics and insights that can help companies keep a better track and predict potential problems before they become critical challenges.

"Built on more than 15 years of QIMA's quality and compliance expertise, serving brands, retailers and importers globally, QIMAone was developed in response to client requests to open our tried and true technology," said QIMA founder and CEO Sebastien Breteau. "As such, QIMAone brings the whole supply network together to collaborate on a shared goal of improving quality and compliance. It gives brands and retailers more visibility, more control of their supply chains, and empowers their whole ecosystem to stop reacting and start proactively mitigating risks – enabling business as usual when it is far from usual."

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