Rear View Safety Rolls Out New Mobile DVR Series

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Focusing on telematics and fleet management, Rear View Safety has launched a new mobile DVR series.

FREMONT, CA: Rear View Safety has rolled out three new mobile DVR series to its MobileMule line, the 6200, 6300, and 6400. The products are built for telematics, fleet management, and peace of mind, which will assist in eliminating blind spots and becoming aware of operators whereabouts at any time, reducing insurance with indisputable video evidence of accidents, thereby eliminating bogus claims against the operators, and utilizing recorded video content for training and incentives to enhance operator performance.

Studded with features which include 4G/wifi capability, MobileMule models perform recording onto an included hard disk drive which is expandable to 2TB. The hard drive is safely mirrored by SD backup. Live video remote viewing, GPS tracking, HD recording, and secure footage renders MobileMule DVR Series is a perfect fleet management solution.

GPS Tracking

MobileMule is coupled with simple and effective GPS tracking powered by Google Maps. The tracker records location, speed, and exact driving route, whereas geo-fencing enables to trace a route and get instant notifications when a vehicle deviates.

Live Video Remote Viewing

It allows viewing and downloading live footage to a computer with a free mobile app, even when a vehicle is on the road. The software has multi-vehicle live view, Google Maps integration, and breadcrumb tracking. The feature works either via a 4G connection equipped with a sim card or a wifi hotspot.

Secure Footage

The MobileMule DVR Series records on an SD Card or a lockable digital hard drive. Event recording generates triggers to protect critical files, while a G-Sensor saves emergency footages automatically. It records footage even when the vehicle is off with seamless loop recording and over a 24-hour delay power off. It is equipped with shock rating (MIL-STD-810G) and military-grade vibration.

HD Recording

Up to 4 or 8 cameras can be attached to the new MobileMule Series, depending on the model. The particular line of the camera is specific to the company’s Mobile DVRs, ensuring the highest quality of the recording. The HD cameras can be used as side cameras, backup cameras, or forward-facing cameras such that each side of a vehicle is recorded and protected.

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