Resolving Challenges in Traffic Management with Intelligent Transport Technology

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Many developed and developing countries are facing heavy vehicular traffic as a common problem in their metro cities. Various cities are implementing traffic management centers which can make commuter life easy and reduce traffic-related risks by providing alerts via dynamic messaging about incidents that may cause a delay.

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With the convergence of many transport intelligent systems, mobile apps are being developed to provide intelligent transportation by giving real-time information on traffic density. Google Maps is one of the best in-built smart mobile apps which can provide a route, the distance along with travel time based on the traffic density. These apps prove vital for providing the following features.


With intelligent transportation technology apps in smartphones, the user can find the best possible route with less traffic density to reach the destination.

Public Transit

 Mobile apps incorporated with intelligent transportation technology can provide the best public transit options by using crowd-sourced data which is real-time user input.


The user can find parking apps which can provide information about available parking space in high traffic density areas for vehicles to park.

Driving with data

Future advancements in transportation system can enable the building of roadways embedded with fiber optic cables that underpin Wi-Fi. These can provide the required data to commuters if their vehicles are equipped with communication and power infrastructure.

The well-planned and artful use of these transportation technologies can provide vehicular traffic analysis in such a manner that can prevent heavy and substantial traffic risks which ultimately results in better quality of life for the commuters.

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