Smart Wearable in Manufacturing and Logistics

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

Smartwatch is a wearable device which is always connected to an extended device. The device can gather and integrate information into an app-based workflow. A static panel is used in most of the HMI technology. Problems in manufacturing and logistics in business can be tackled with industrial smartwatch; costs can be reduced while improving quality and productivity. The complex industrial processes are re-engineered into a self-contained app in the smartwatch for convenience.

Smartwatch has varied functions like a collection of data for QC, receiving and sending alerts for maintenance, and to establish work coordination in intra-logistics. Due to incorrect information, quality defects are inevitable, but by providing correct information to workers, product quality can be significantly increased. Smartwatches collect data in real-time from shop floor and documents damages in an image. Due to its compatibility with ERP applications, the workers receive alerts in real time about upcoming tasks. In quality management, smartwatches can be used to document defects; non-conformance cost can be reduced by issuing standard work instructions, and the collection of production data can be done.

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Unnecessary phone calls during goods arrival can be avoided using a smartwatch. Inbound logistics workers can send a support request through the smartwatch to the quality management officer’s smartwatch. Using the checklist option in the smartwatch, the quality management officer performs all the quality inspections and ensures that all the required steps are completed. A high-resolution camera is used to document all the relevant data on the smartwatches itself. Since the smartwatch is connected to an existing QM business application, the data is stored in it for long term archival and analysis. There is a need for a smartwatch in the industry because quality defects occur primarily due to miscommunication or out-dated work information. WORKERBASE GmbH has come up with an industrial smartwatch that enables direct user integration in manufacturing processes. The smartwatch provides backend solution based on events optimizes and digitized manufacturing process, and it can also issue alerts, work instructions, and QC checklist. Visualization of the production parameter can be done with this watch. In logistics, effective documentation of inbound and outbound goods can be done with wearable devices.



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