Systum to Enhance its Digital Transformation Offerings with the $10.7M Funding

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dean Mansfield, President & CEO

The funding will enable the company to enhance its platform with additional capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: Customer experience is one of the most prominent factors that decide the success of organizations in the business world. Several businesses still face challenges in maintaining visibility in their inventory, which can affect their interaction with the customers. To help them manage the data flowing in from multiple sources, Systum is bringing digital transformation into the SMBs.

Systum, a provider of a digital operating platform for SMBs recently raised $10.7M in the latest round of funding led by Octopus Ventures, a venture capital firm based in London. The funding will be used to bolster its cloud-based software with new and robust functionalities, expanding its sales and marketing efforts.

The company combines various business operations such as inventory, order management, marketing, CRM, and digital commerce into a single platform, equipping it with enterprise-class operational capability. The platform is designed to break down silos and deliver real-time data and business intelligence to organizations, enabling them to offer a seamless and customer-centric digital experience to customers.

Its offerings enable the businesses to solve their most challenging problems, replacing their disconnected software processes with a robust, consolidated platform, providing greater cost-effectiveness and enhancing data management. Systum has led some of the most prominent enterprises toward digitalization, equipping them with light, agile, and cost-effective integration, business intelligence, analytics, and visibility.

The cloud has granted excellent opportunities for organizations to sell their products and establish their presence in the global marketplace. Its subscription-based and pay-as-you-go approach offers a robust and effective platform for managing and growing the business in the cloud-based landscape.

The comprehensive and cost-effective software solution offered by Systum enables wholesale distribution SMBs to streamline and enhance their customer-facing operations. Traditionally, SMBs leverage up to ten different software applications to manage their services. Systum has successfully consolidated all the functions into a single platform which integrates seamlessly with accounting software packages.

SMBs add new processes as they grow. However, the use of multiple platforms can potentially slow down their business. Systum was founded to tackle the growth challenges faced by the wholesale distribution sector. The management of Systum comprises industry veterans who have helped develop solutions for SMBs. Since most of the wholesale customers are millennials, they expect seamless, customer-centric digital experiences, and Systum aims to offer the same.

The contributions of Systum to the logistics sector urged the Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine to name it as one of the Top 10 Inventory Management Solution Providers-2018.”

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