Technology and Personnel Drive Supply Chain

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Supply chain by nature is always transforming. The change is either caused by internal or external factors.  However, it is not proven whether the workforce changes with continual transformations. Regardless of the position of the employee, the company has to attract, retain, and train the talent to build the workforce.

Customers are actively taking care of logistics with the help of companies like Amazon and Uber. Meanwhile, shippers are outsourcing some or all their tasks to third-party logistics providers (3PLs). The 3PL market is reaching a trillion-dollar market worth. Nearly 63 percent of shippers are outsourcing, according to a 2019 3PL study. 

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The omnichannel model puts extra pressure on shippers. Forty-two percent of shippers agree that they need to improve to enhance their agility, but they haven’t made necessary changes. However, 51 percent of shippers are open to new ideas, which are creating more opportunities for their 3PLs partners to be more tech-oriented and to introduce and implement innovations. The last mile has become one of the most critical aspects for shippers as it impacts on brand perception, reliability, and customer delight. A combination of emerging technologies with enhanced data can bridge the gap between the ever-increasing demands of today’s customers. 

After the last mile, a term called the last yard has become essential for shippers. It is defined by what happens to a shipment once it is delivered to a customer. The biggest complaint of customers is stolen packages that choose home or office as a delivery address. The last yard has a huge impact on consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. However, only a few believe that their companies are doing enough to manage last yard issues effectively.

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Most of the companies have to look for tech experts because there is a lack of in-house talent. More than 50 percent of companies say that the shift toward technology has made them change their workforce makeup and talent hiring strategy. Only a few companies say that they don’t anticipate any changes in the workforce. However, the supply chain will evolve with technology and people.

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