Technology Impact on Food Distribution Industry Reforms their Supply Chain

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The supply chain industry is focusing on implementing new technologies in its network that meets the demands of the consumers and food producers.

FREMONT, CA: The technology influence on supply chain industry has reinvented their process of working to meet the growing demands of consumers such as fast delivery, secure payment methods, tracking the shipment, single touch operator, and more.

The expansion of fast food delivery apps like Amazon.com, and ultra-fast delivery restaurants, and other foodservice suppliers are struggling to make profits. Thus, to eliminate this problem, below are some of the key tips that food producers need to follow in their supply chain to enhance their productivity, which includes:

Impact of Blockchain Technology- To ensure more security, transparency, and visibility in the supply network, the food distribution companies are moving towards supply chain management that adopts blockchain technology. With the use of blockchain, companies can identify refined products and avoid the toxic products that fail to meet industry standards.

The consequence of E-Commerce- E-commerce is gradually mushrooming. Online shopping is a new trend in E-commerce where everything is available right from groceries to electronic gadgets, which can be purchased with just a single click and reaches your doorstep. Consequently, more and more food dealers are reshaping their supply networks as plenty of grocery products are sold online by retailers. The expansion of E-commerce has made the trucking industry modify its fleet mixers that result in using single-unit trucks. Now the delivery time has become short, as it is carried out in smaller vehicles.

Ensure Smooth Fleets- Currently, the food distribution industry is revamping its operations by transferring shipping deliveries via small vehicles with adequate packaging of the product to avoid fuel and labor cost crisis. The companies need to optimize their routes to lessen the delivery journey and advance their fleet operation.

Influence of Bots and Apps- By multiplying the delivery options, the food dealers are aiming to compete and rise in the market along with the restaurants and other food services which are coming up with innovative ideas to improve delivery. The delivery bots and apps enhance customer relations with the companies by fulfilling their demands.

Significance of Mobile Takeout- The online food orders are trending, the space for third-party delivery apps is rising at a large scale in the market. Ordering on mobiles ensures customers food delivery at any time as the major food distribution companies are making the best use of mobile takeouts. So it's time for the small startups to embrace and adopt new technology to sustain in the competitive market.

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