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Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, October 22, 2021

Initial cooperation for Trucknet Enterprise with CAL Cargo Airlines Ltd, from the Challenge Group that specializes in air transport services and logistics throughout the world

In the initial phase, Trucknet will grant CAL Cargo Airlines a license to use its platform within Europe, after which the agreement be extended to the United States

As said by Mr. Hanan Fridman, CEO and founder of the company: "I am pleased to announce that Trucknet is expanding its services to airlines operating in the area of logistics, and will provide a solution for optimizing Last Mile Delivery and First Mile Delivery for the air carriers and transport companies."

Due to the global crisis in the transport sector, companies are looking for sustainable technological solutions to improve efficiency, reduce shipping costs and to improve services. The platform developed by Trucknet is the only one in the world today that provides a solution for all these issues. It allows for collection of information in real-time regarding available capacity for cargo in trucks; and reduces the number of empty rides, making it easier for transport companies to ship worldwide, thereby saving costs, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contributing to lowering the number of road accidents involving heavy vehicles.

We anticipate that many companies will understand the significance of Trucknet'scooperation with CAL Cargo Airlines from the Challenge Group and will look for similar solutions.

Israel, (Tel Aviv: Tran) Trucknet, Trucknet Enterprise is pleased to announce that it has signed aprimary document of principles for initial cooperation with the Israeli airline company CAL Cargo Airlines Ltd., a subsidiary of the Challenge Group, for improving efficiency, reducing shipping costs, improving service as well as providing optimization for Last Mile Delivery and First Mile Delivery.

CAL Cargo Airlines is part of the Challenge Group, active internationally with a number of jointly controlled companies, including: CAL Cargo Airlines, the Israeli Cargo Company, LACHS the Belgian cargo terminal, Challenge Airlines (BE) S.A. in Belgium and Challenge Aircargo that serves as the commercial arm of the group with sales offices throughout Europe, designed to increase and strengthen the group's presence in the international arena.

The Challenge Group promotes the use of green technologies that improve logistics processes and reduce pollutants and carbon emissions, while enabling environmental solutions in addition to saving resources.

The entire group is clustered around one operational HUB located in the heart of Europe – in Liege Belgium, from where the Group's planes fly to destinations in North America, Europe, Israel and China.

The agreement states that in the first stage Trucknet will provide the Challenge Group with license to use the platform in Europe and later in the United States.

The first month will be considered a pilot project with no payment; at the end of the pilot period Trucknet will receive regular payment from the client of about 5 euros for each trip as well as an additional 5% of the shipping costs for each successful "matching" within the system for an empty truck.

This payment will be received from the sub-contractor for the use of the accompanying automation system of the platform. The agreement stipulates that the two companies will work together to promote cooperation, and will sign the detailed and binding agreement within 30 days.

The information concerning the cooperation agreement with the Challenge Group is based on the data held by the company. Therefore, the company is unable at this stage to evaluate the prospects of the sides adhering to a binding agreement, and the expected scope of use of the Trucknet platform by the Challenge Group.

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