The Changing Face of Robotics in Warehouse Management

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Businesses around the world are widely incorporating robotics inside their warehouses today, for efficient warehouse management, improved productivity, and greater flexibility. Although these organizations are using the robotics in warehouses for years, the recent boom developments in the IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has widened the opportunities and scope of the robotic technology in enterprises.

The recent robots are much capable than the old legacy robotic technology with some advances in vision, gripping and navigation technologies which enable better automation in warehouse functions. It also helps in improving the productivity of the entire organization with better improvements of fixed conveyor systems. The improvements in robotics automation in warehouses will reduce several costs, enhance performance with the help of the new technological applications.

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CarryPick Autonomous Mobile Robots has become a common robotic technology used in many of the organizations. The technology provides a goods-to-person picking system which automatically reduces the pick times. It also improves the ability to adapt to the variations in demands. CarryPick incorporates mobile robots to provide products to the well-organized workstations with the facility of assembly order system.

The flexible AutoStore system facilitates the goods-to-person picking as same as CarryPick, but with much abilities to handle a high volume of both fast and slow-moving small-order and small-case-pick SKUs operations fulfillment which need high storage capacity. Hat World, a promising robot which functions under the retail brand Lids, uses Autostore for large inventory management through multiple channels.

ItemPiQ Automated Item Picking is an automated picking system that provides vision and gripping technology and machine learning. A single ItemPiQ robot is able to pick 35 to 600 items per hour, based on the characteristics of the product. The Swisslog ACPaQ robot similarly functions as ItemPiQ automating processes such as picking them items with customized mix pallets for individual stores. ACPaQ is much faster, reliable, and flexible delivering items up to 1000 units per hour, which is triple times more than the old solutions.

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The use of such robotics in business, especially in warehouse management, is a strategic approach for organizations to uphold their business in this highly competitive environment by ensuring huge savings in the time and money factors.

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