The Intersection of Marketing and Logistics

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, September 27, 2019

Marketing and logistics involve intersecting areas wherein the coordination among the two results in a smooth flow of the processes.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing and logistics seem far-off sectors that do not have any common streak. However, they stand out as two disciplines that are related in more than one way. Together, they have a massive impact on whether or not a firm will be able to achieve its target.

Logistics and Marketing

Logistics depends on figuring out the best alternatives to get something from one location to the next. It is in this context that supply chain management or inventory management comes into play. 

When it comes to marketing, where the products need to be marketed is an essential question. At the core lies the idea that the products need to leave from where they are manufactures and reach buyers who make purchases. Thus logistics and marketing need to work in coordination for a smooth flow of the entire process chain.

The Distribution Channel

The distribution channel is essential for both logistics and marketing. The channel points to a company choosing to transport products through a particular route. Service providers and manufacturers can use tricking lines, air transportation, warehousing, packaging firms, and various other options. The prime focus is on cost-effectiveness when it comes to choosing a distribution channel. Thus the channel needs to be suitable so that products can reach their destination in a timely and affordable manner.

Inventory Control and Warehouses

Reputable companies offer a complete service, and that’s what the marketers have an eye for. Inventory control is important as logistics will consider the protection of the products that are shipped along with the goods that are stored in a warehouse. Each company must be aware of its inventory supply which will also enable a firm with the estimation of how fast orders can be placed. Marketing sectors develop realistic promises over the order fulfillment, which is a key aspect of keeping the buyers happy.

Tracking Systems

Whether shipping resources or products from one place to the other, a tracking system is always essential. With the advancements in technology, firms are now equipped with perfect tracking systems. It is possible to ascertain the availability of options, and the marketing department is always aware of how much the company can offer.

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