Tive And Klearnow Partner To Optimize Cross-Border Shipping

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, September 02, 2022

The AI-powered technology digitizes and streamlines import procedures and dynamically links drayage partners with shipments at the precise moment.

FREMONT, CA: "KlearNow and Tive are a perfect combination for customers that need complete location and shipment-condition visibility across borders. Data needs to do more than inform, it should drive action. Our customs clearance and drayage platforms do just that. Real-time monitoring and actionable data enable customers to take appropriate action to eliminate preventable delays. Our new relationship with Tive will have a meaningful, sustainable impact on global supply chains." says Sam Tyagi, CEO, and Founder of KlearNow.

A new relationship between top in-transit visibility provider Tive and smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) pioneer KlearNow has made international shipping more efficient. The companies have joined to improve the on-time and complete delivery of imported and exported goods with real-time monitoring of shipment location, condition, and customs clearance status. This level of visibility, paired with frictionless customs processing, helps to prevent shipping delays and damage.

The cloud-based, digital marketplace of KlearNow offers digital customs clearance and drayage procurement to reduce paper-based, error-prone processes. With its industry-leading trackers and 24/7 live monitoring, Tive provides shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers with real-time, in-transit visibility to prevent delays and damages.

Among the advantages of KlearNow and Tive are:

• It provides enhanced visibility and real-time shipping data access to hyper-precise location and condition at the box, pallet, or container level.

• Active management of temperature and other excursions for shipments of high value, urgency, or sensitivity to temperature

• Real-time, actionable customs clearance and drayage data to enable just-in-time, correct cargo pickup to avoid demurrage and detention fines.

• Reduced freight claims resulting from delays or customs violations

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