TransVirtual Reports Growth in Transport Network Volumes

Logistics Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Companies can use TransVirtual to dictate, design, and arrange a massive volume of data and process flow without involving product developers.

FREMONT, CA: TransVirtual, a cloud-based enterprise-grade Transport Management System (TMS), has reported that its transport network volumes have doubled in the previous year, owing to Australia’s quick adoption of eCommerce in 2020, which saw economy-wide online sales increase by 57 percent year-on-year.

“As a result of 2020s, government enforced lockdowns across the country, Australia’s Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) market is now expected to grow to more than one billion parcels a year by the end of 2021. This exponential growth has not only seen sales and enquiries for our TMS rise, but it also marks the notable demand these businesses have for products that solve the biggest challenges for any transport business right now: data migration, mobility and tracking,” said Troy Searle, Founder, and CTO, TransVirtual.

At a time when eCommerce’s rising popularity shows no signs of slowing down, the well-established Transport Management System (TMS) integrates with leading national carriers such as DHL, Mainfreight, Border Express, and Aramex and takes the hard work out of running a profitable transport and delivery company.

“While there are a lot of exciting innovation and development conversations going on in the transport and delivery space, it’s still very early days in terms of data flow, even for the top end of town, meaning there is ample opportunity for us to work alongside companies to markedly enhance this process,” added Searle.

TransVirtual is the next iteration of a company founded in 2010 by Newcastle entrepreneur Troy Searle after ten years of working in his family’s transport business. He experienced firsthand the issues, pain points, and inefficiencies that plagued the industry. TransVirtual’s software allows businesses to schedule deliveries using auto allocation, optimize each driver’s daily route, and provide real-time vehicle tracking and routing, rapid paperless proof of delivery status via a mobile app, and fleet maintenance and billing. Logistics, courier services, delivery firms, transportation, warehouse, distribution, and freight brokerages are among Transvirtual’s customers. The company’s product is also appropriate for businesses that do any type of dispatch from their offices or warehouses.

Just Freight, one of TransVirtual’s Customers, said, “In order to meet evolving customer expectations, TransVirtual has changed the way they operate their business: It has given us the ability to become completely transparent with all our customers and helped us grow our business and increase revenue over a short period of time.

Companies in the transportation and delivery industry desire complete control over their future; they want to manage their operations, data flow, and IT costs to improve their workflow and increase profitability. Companies can use TransVirtual to dictate, design, and arrange a massive volume of data and process flow without involving product developers.

“TransVirtual has easily accommodated the demands of our entire network and even facilitated opportunities to connect with like-minded companies across the state,” said Western Parcel Express (WPE), TransVirtual’s Customer.

“We at First Choice Couriers would highly recommend TransVirtual if you are looking for a user-friendly, scalable, end-to-end solution as your transport management system,” said First Choice Couriers, TransVirtual’s Client.

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