Trimble Offers Cloud-Based Subscriptions for its TMS Solutions

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 20, 2020

James Langley, General Manager

The possibility of an efficient transportation management system has become essential with supply chains grappling to keep up with globalization.

FREMONT, CA: From shipping to accounting, from servicing to delivery, from booking to driver pay, and all in between, a transportation management system (TMS) offers a single embedded alternative where all vital regulators like a customer, machinery, income, prices, and fees associated data are recorded and monitored. TMS software ensures that critical data moves across all parts of the company in real-time.

To handle increasing income and maximizing earnings, California-based Trimble made TMW.Suite and TruckMate alternatives accessible through a cloud-based subscription service. TMW.Suite and TruckMate are two of Trimble's flagship TMS systems that allow shipping and logistics suppliers to manage their shipping activities and enhance their organizational efficiencies efficiently.

Developed on years of experience, a descriptive execution and adept training options have thoroughly bundled Trimble's TMW.Suite and TruckMate for serving the rising industry needs. The cloud-based solutions provide an optimal strategy for both resource-based and non-asset-based businesses of all dimensions seeking to introduce a scalable TMS without on-site servers or comprehensive IT oversight while saving capital and enhancing performance.

“By offering cloud-based subscriptions to our industry-leading TMS solutions, Trimble can help fleets maximize efficiencies and return on investment,” said James Langley, general manager of Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “Implementing a cloud-hosted TMS platform eases the burden on in-house IT for support and ongoing maintenance and management of the solution, allowing fleets to focus on their business and not their servers.”

Cloud-based TMW.Suite and TruckMate merge Trimble's demonstrated quality of major software technologies with lesser capital expenses and quicker investment returns from subscription-based designs. Furthermore, with this innovative system, operators of all sizes can take benefit of the system changes discovered to enable business performance in money transfer strategies accessible in TMW.Suite and TruckMate.

TMW.Suite and TruckMate's cloud-hosted variants are provided as extensible, membership-based systems that are intended to meet the accurate requirements of fleets and evolve as they expand. Trimble-managed enhancements also facilitate carriers to use current computerized versions through powered updates, eliminating the need for airlines to upgrade their devices manually. Besides the cloud-based subscriptions, Trimble will also give subscriber-based iterations of its other TMS solutions, along with Innovative Access, Access Plus and TL2000. 

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