Trucker Tools Platform Adopted by England Logistics to Enhance Shipment Visibility

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO

The new suite of logistics solutions is designed to enhance load matching and deliver higher shipment visibility.

FREMONT, CA: The logistics sector is struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. The sophistication involved in the supply chain processes can be attributed to the antiquated approaches adopted by carriers and brokers. The communication gap between the different stakeholders not only leads to downtime but also confines the potential of freight matching. To bridge this gap, Trucker Tools was founded to help organizations keep up with digitalization.

Based in Reston, VA, the company augments trip planning, shipment visibility, and freight matching solutions for the transportation sector. Its offerings connect driver, carriers, and freight brokers to eliminate manual check calls and enhance carrier load-tracking compliance.

Recently, England Logistics, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, signed an agreement with Trucker Tools to access its robust platform and implement the cloud-based applications and tools. The collaboration will enable the company to offer enhanced logistics capabilities to its customers in the transportation industry. The integration of the Trucker Tools platform will streamline business processes, strengthen capacity management, improve decision making, and ensure prompt delivery.

Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO, Trucker Tools, said, “I’m excited to welcome England Logistics to the Trucker Tools family. We are honored to have won their trust and support, and we look forward to helping them drive efficiencies into brokerage operations, build strong carrier relationships, and increase shipment tracking compliance, quality and timeliness with their carriers.”

The new suite of Trucker Tools applications launched by England Logistics includes Smart Capacity Freight Matching and Smart Capacity Automated Load Tracking. Smart Capacity Freight Matching leverages precise, real-time data and robust algorithms to match freight in advance. Its algorithms are designed to rank and match the carriers with the load optimally. It not only helps reduce time and cost but also to enhance the accuracy and capacity.

Smart Capacity Automated Load Tracking delivers real-time visibility information derived from the Trucker Tools mobile app, which boasts over 600,000 downloads. The app is designed to integrate with the phone GPS and gather accurate location data, which can be transmitted over the private and secure network of the Trucker Tools platform.

The contributions of Trucker Tools to the logistics sector urged the Logistics Tech Outlook magazine to name it as one of the Top 10 3PL Technology Solution Providers – 2018.” Going forward, Trucker Tools aims to drive efficiencies in brokerage operations, develop robust carrier relationships, and enhance shipment tracking compliance.

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