Trucknet expands its circle of paying customers in Europe

Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, September 27, 2021

DSV Group, the Danish logistics giant, will start commercial operations in Romania using the platform of


Trucknet's platform enables transportation and logistics companies to significantly minimize empty rides by automatically prioritizing available vehicles with other transport and logistics companies, through smart matching based on location of empty trucks and cargo.

As said by Mr. Hanan Fridman, CEO and founder of the company: "In a short period of time two noteworthy companies in Europe chose to use our system after realizing the significant value it offers for all users. The global demand for efficiency and profitability is clear, while this expression of trust assures us the technology that we have developed meets the needs of companies.

The use of Trucknet's platform will enable the Danish transport giant to optimize fleet management and to negotiate for available vehicles with different companies through an online tender system for each transaction (BID). In addition to the benefits of our platform, there is an environmental advantage of emissions reductions when empty truck rides are reduced from the fleet.

I believe successfully carrying out the agreement we signed today will lead to more cooperation with other countries. The shipping and logistics company DSV carries out about 150,000 trips a year and is part of the global DSV Group, an international shipping and logistics giant operating in more than 80 countries around the world".

September 13, 2021, Israel, (Tel: Tran) Trucknet, a company that developed a platform enabling smart matching between available capacity in trucks and cargo for improving efficiency and profitability for transport companies, announced today that DSV Group approved the company's automatic system which has been adapted for their needs. DSV will begin to register, on Trucknet's platform, about 3,000 transport companies which serve as their subcontractors in order to provide delivery and logistics services. The DSV Group will begin commercial use of the platform from 1 October 2021.

Under the terms of the agreement, Trucknet will receive two sources of income. After the trial run, Trucknet Romania will receive €3 (plus VAT) from DSV for each shipment that DSV carries out using the Trucknet platform; DSV has committed to a minimum of 1,000 shipments per month. In addition, DSV will compensate Trucknet Romania with a monthly maintenance fee of €1,500 (plus VAT). If DSV makes more than 3,500 shipments per month using Trucknet's platform, they will be exempt from paying the maintenance fee for that month.

About DSV Group

DSV specializes in transport and logistics services by road, air, sea and train. The group is active in more than 80 countries around the world and is traded on the Danish Stock Exchange.


About the Company

Trucknet developed a cloud-based All-in-One platform using artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and machine learning (ML) for efficient and digitalized management of supply chain and transport processes. It offers cross-company automatic matching based on location, including an easy and quick payment solution for the B2B market. The system includes an online tool for calculating carbon emissions.

Trucknet's platform enables transportation and logistics companies to significantly minimize empty rides, by automatically prioritizing available vehicles with other transport and logistics companies, thereby offering matching for empty trucks and available cargo.

Trucknet's solution enables full automation and optimization for land transport for companies managing commercial vehicle fleets and for customers of logistics services. The system assists companies to significantly lower costs and improve efficiency and profitability through reduction of the number of empty trucks on the roads; air pollution and GHG emissions are reduced with less damage to the environment.

The company aims to establish a unique professional system in the area of shared transport. Trucknet's software platform interfaces with all leading work scheduling systems, TMS and leading telematics systems. Transport companies can improve and optimize vehicle fleet management and sharing of resources, by mutual use of digital documents (without the need to print). Trucknet has developed user-friendly interfaces for the driver and for the end customer offering complete connectivity, monitoring and transparency as well as providing solutions for payment through the system.

Trucknet operates in the international transportation and logistics market, which is valued at about $19.36 trillion. As of 2020, the company has approximately half a million trucks connected from roughly 4,000 companies. Some data from the world on empty trucks: in Europe 27% of trucks on the road run empty, in the United States 36% and in Asia 46%.

Trucknet conducted a joint pilot project with the Renault Group during October 2020, in which a connection was made to Renault's bid system that tenders each work order. Through the system, contractors were identified on the basis of their location in relation to Renault's requests. The pilot proved that connection to Trucknet's platform led to improvement in the efficiency and profitability of logistics services by 17%. In addition, it brought savings of up to €115,000 in two weeks for 268 trips out of a total of 371 (68% success rate).

The results of the pilot demonstrated the platform's ability to improve efficiency and save transportation costs for logistics companies. This is due to the fact that the Trucknet platform adjusts shipping orders for (transport) contractors, based on their geographical proximity to the location of cargo, thus, allowing them to submit lower price proposals and save costs.

The company, established in 2016 by CEO Mr. Hanan Fridman, employs about 40 people spread across offices in the world. Trucknet has signed agreements and pilot projects with leading companies in and outside Israel, including DSV, La Poste, DPD, ChronoPost, Allcargo, Israel Post and more.

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