Turvo Inc. Partners with Transportation Provider SEND

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Turvo Inc. announced a collaboration with the transportation provider SEND to provide the company with better visibility to its shipper customers and carrier partners in real-time.

FREMONT, CA: Turvo Inc. is a leading provider of collaborative logistics software that is designed for global supply chains. The company has announced a collaboration with transportation provider SEND. The strategic alliance will offer SEND with better visibility and collaboration for its shipper customers and carrier partners in real-time. It will even enhance operational effectiveness and profit margins.

"SEND was built on the premise of collaboration and supporting one another. We look at this a bit differently than most, as all stakeholders need to be a part of the process. We focus on building relationships holistically, rather than making it transactional in nature," said Nathan J Smith, the CEO of SEND.

SEND is an employee-owned company that prioritizes collaboration with its primary stakeholders like customers, carriers, and each other. SEND has struggled with technology-related constraints. Even though strong in offering services, SEND's legacy TMS solutions were incompetent in providing end-to-end visibility into operations. It was difficult for the clients to efficiently track shipments that resulted in labor-intensive procedures, numerous emails, and check calls. To enhance the customer experience, established a network across multiple business partners, and developed end-to-end visibility, due to which SEND became the top logistics technology providers in the market. SEND choose Turvo for its ability to allow collaboration and digital transformation within the entire supply chain.

"This partnership will help SEND provide its shippers and carriers a unique digital experience for end-to-end visibility and collaboration," said Scott Lang, Chairman, and CEO, Turvo. "We believe that Turvo's multi-enterprise cloud platform solves for collaborative logistics to help our customers achieve complete visibility, increased revenue and profitability."

Turvo's platform is perfect for SEND who can rapidly install the solution to its customers in an easy-to-use, cloud environment for instant adoption and value creation within its network who gains immediate visibility into each shipment related workflow.

"With Turvo, we plan to build out private networks. Customers who utilize our carrier base might also have a base of their own carriers, and we are interested in curating these private marketplaces. SEND's goal is to work with Turvo to launch these small micro-shipping environments for clients so they can operate and manage those networks," said Smith.

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