Unfiaun Brings New Capabilities to its Cloud TMS with the Acquisition of Transsmart

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Marcus Jarde, Chief Product Officer

The collaboration will equip customers in the European logistics market with new and innovative capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: The logistics sector has been one of the slowest industries in adapting to the technological revolution. Many organizations leverage antiquated techniques, which make it challenging to manage high volumes of full liner terms (FLT) shipments. Although several organizations have realized the importance of efficient transportation management system (TMS), several others are lagging. Unifaun has decided to bridge this gap by providing connected and execution-centric TMS.

Based in Stockholm, Unifaun delivers visibility and control in the cloud. The company has over 20 years of expertise in equipping organizations with robust and innovative TMS solutions. With its extensive partner ecosystem and carrier library, the system has handled over 250 million parcels and 5 billion transactions.

The Nordic provider of robust cloud TMS recently acquired Transsmart Holding B.V., a cloud delivery management (DM) software provider from the Netherlands with clients across the Benelux region and Germany. A European provider of cloud DM software, Transsmart has over 300 postal, parcel, and LTL/FTL carriers. The company processes 35 million parcel bookings annually and offers more than 5,000 carrier services. Most of its clients are based in Benelux. However, its base in Germany is increasing, representing almost 20 percent of its shipping volumes.

The acquisition of Transsmart will augment Unifaun’s efforts in boosting its presence in the European TMS market. The capability of the company to scale and partner are essential factors aiding its growth. The agreement will enable it to serve over 100,000 customers across the world, and process 300 million parcels annually. According to the agreement, the management owners of Transsmart will be shareholders in the combined group. With the new deal, the company will reach a turnover of more than EUR 30 million, with offices in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, and Belgium.

The increase in sales will fund the augmentation of core services, adding new functionalities to the next generation of Unifaun’s cloud TMS. It will enable its customers in Europe to avail an increased coverage of carriers and a broader partner network. Although Unifaun and Transsmart will exist as separate trademarks in the market, they will collaborate in specific areas to benefit the customers.

The contributions of Unifaun to the Logistics sector spurred the Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine to name it as one of the Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers-2018.”

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