Unlocking Warehouse Applications with 5G Technology

Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

With the rising population of IoT devices and automated technology, the need to have a super-fast 5G technology.

FREMONT, CA: Next-generation wireless connectivity is on its way to reshuffle the entire industry, and this could potentially bring out huge benefits for warehouse connectivity. 5G technology, the successor of the present networking system, provides twenty times faster data conversion rate, which makes it the most rapid inter-connectable networking system till date. 

With the uprising of the internet of things (IoT) devices in the daily market ecosystem, access to cyberspace efficiently becomes what the present population wants. Furthermore, higher bandwidth necessities have compelled the innovator to develop systems which provide connections surpassing the current 4G technology.

From sensors to robotic solutions, the 5G technology’s tremendous jumps in signal rates make it suitable for approaching times. Experts believe that the next-generation 5G technology will improve the efficiency and performance of sophisticated machinery. In the developmental process, increasing broadband speed will also formulate functions needed to transfer a large amount of information instantaneously.

Challenges of warehouse tech adoption

While various warehouses want to install innovative equipment in their assembly line, the feeble infrastructure of traditional warehouses makes it a challenging task to uphold. Furthermore, the inability to come to a combined conclusion restricts the implementation of 5G technology. Many warehouse accessories require a direct link with the internet, but the slow penetration of 5G technology have slugged the developmental process.

Piloting heavy machinery, automated robots, and IoT sensors relay on various connection to function effectively; hence, the overreliance of high connective bandwidths have caused the process of production to slow down even further.

Greater bandwidth with 5G  

The leading communication services such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are redefining their facilities by installing 5G to their platform. The decision to mainstream 5G infrastructure across the globe will make the world more connected than ever. With the IoT market and cloud solutions showing an increasing deployment in every industrial sector, the requirement to signal problems immediately becomes the primary need to create a seamless environment.

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