US Fleet Tracking Shows the Benefits of GPS Tracker

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: US Fleet Tracking, a manufacturer of GPS tracker, claims that the GPS tracker can boost the business performance with its unique quality of mapping and tracking the shipment.

The GPS tracker advances the shipment process by giving managers the exact position with accurate information on location of company’s goods that will help increase efficiency. This easy-to-use technology features Application Programming Interface (API), map overlays, fleet management with data connect and data dump integrations to run business smoothly. The API integration feature has the ability to add customer map that can show the real-time locations on websites or mobile devices for customers to see any time.

Few Fleet Management Solution Companie: (I.D. Systems,Motus,Samsara)

At the time of emergency call, managers can see the real-time map in no time and instruct the driver to follow up on the nearest customer location by providing turn-by-turn directions. The GPS tracker offers the timely and friendly services with higher reliability on delivery.

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