Use of IoT Technology for Improvement in Supply Chain Management

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 11, 2019

Use of IoT Technology for Improvement in Supply Chain ManagementTo maintain consistency in supply chain management and know the correct whereabouts of the shipment, it has become necessary for the organizations to introduce IoT. It will provide the real scenario of a situation to prevent losses and maintain the capital flow. 

FREMONT, CA: Supply chain has become very complicated in the present day scenario. With so many companies of the same field, it has become a challenge to find out the correct whereabouts of a supply container of a particular company. According to a recent study, it has been indicated that roughly on an average around 1,400 shipping containers are lost in the transition. With increasing theft and loss of packaging, the organizations require end-to-end visibility in the supply chain management to identify the root cause of the issue and later to provide a solution to that.

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes every phase of the supply chain more visible. IoT-enabled devices can capture precious parts of information throughout the trip of a shipment, giving a holistic perspective of the provider's network to organizations. With IoT sensors attached to containers, organizations can maintain tabs on the location and condition of a shipment up and down the supply chain.

IoT sensors work with 0G network to provide access data visibility and remote data transfer at the right time and an affordable cost, unlike its counterpart Wi-Fi which can only transmit data in close range to the connection source. IoT enabled devices which are connected to a 0G network can transfer tiny amounts of data worldwide to give updates about the container's temperature and location.

The supply-chain journey starts once a shipment leaves the warehouse. It is essential to understand what occurred between the first checkpoint and the last one to get clarity about the shipping circumstances. The data generated from IoT devices can also help organizations to ensure the quality and integrity of the goods. From providing the optimal environmental conditions to bringing products to the market, it is necessary to maintain the supply chain. IoT enabled devices are capable of delivering the requirements to maintain the quality of the product. 

Another problem that arises during the transmission of goods from one place to another is vehicle breakdowns. This can halt the whole supply chain management. IoT can provide real-time information of vehicles in transition, which can help companies to understand their vehicle better and make all the necessary changes in the stipulated time.

Businesses nowadays cannot take the cost of recovering and replacing lost containers with extensive capital on the line and an increasingly competitive market. In order to overcome these difficulties and achieve operational efficiency at the correct price, supply chain executives need to invest in IoT-enabled alternatives, using a reliable network to guarantee visibility at every step of the container trip.

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