Warehouse automation robotics to transform supply chain

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 13, 2022

Companies are looking forward to automation technology to enhance warehouse productivity and alleviate supply chain issues, leading them to embrace warehouse automation robotics.

FREMONT, CA: By boosting the accuracy and timeliness of product information, robots and other emerging technologies help make supply chains more agile and robust. In the aftermath of the pandemic, businesses have encountered several challenges like labor shortages, production shutdowns and delayed transit times. Also, it is likely that these challenges might have an impact on the performance of the business in 2022 as well.

Warehouse robots with high productivity fill a void between automated material handling systems and more flexible manual fulfillment processes. Warehouse automation robots perform tasks like picking items, moving shelves, packing pallets and inventorying tall shelves. Although experts say that robots have become the centre of attention since the pandemic, enterprises and organizations have traditionally inquired about better warehousing management softwares.

Experts are witnessing a major shift in the adoption of automation technology as managers have concentrated on reducing manpower through automation. In the present situation, businesses are struggling to keep enough people on their teams, whith labour costs rising constantly. Organizations are finding it difficult to find enough people even with higher cost.

A new breed of warehouse robotics meant to augment operations and work with people has sparked interest. Though industrial robots have existed for decades, their capabilities are often limited and have been shut off to protect people and equipment. Emerging warehouse robots use artificial intelligence to navigate a facility, choose things, and coordinate human participation.

Robotic warehouse automation accounts for a small fraction of overall warehouse automation spending at the moment, but it is growing at a rapid pace. Interact Analysis is expecting the mobile robots market to showcase a growth from $3.6 billion in 2021 to $18 billion in 2025. Also, Interact Analysis anticipates it to be 2.1 million robots in use with 860,000 of those being shipped by the end of 2025.

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