Ways to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 03, 2019

Supply ChainSupply chain velocity plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and with growing demand and competition it is extremely important to have a fast-paced supply chain. Not just end users even B2B clients now demand similar kind of service in delivery which bound companies to develop new strategies for improvising their supply chain by incorporating automation in it.

Extending Customer Reach

The most practiced method is to extend the distribution centers to remote areas or where there it’s easy to reach the customers enabling one day to two-day delivery. All businesses are not capable of opening new distribution centers so they partner with local vendors which provides a similar service. Also, a partnership with vendors provides extend product range with faster delivery.

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Utilize the Data for Better Planning

Leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon had realized the significance of data and utilized to plan their supply chain and boost its efficiency. A similar, approach is required from small businesses where they can use machine learning and big data technologies to analyze the demand for goods in particular and accordingly plan inventory turns and management.

Enhance Visibility with IoT

Visibility is important as the customer must be up to date with the order status and tracking it must be convenient. Businesses have started to implement IoT devices and sensors at warehouse inventory management and segmentation and the data collected by them act as fuel for visibility tools. In start one can implement the new technological strategy on a small portion of the supply chain and based on the outcome can improvise it for the rest.

Predict Disruptions

Technologies such as machine learning have enabled organizations to make predictions on disruptions. Internal and external data is fed to these technologically-enabled tools and based on which they predict upcoming disruptions in the supply chain which can be mitigated with proper strategy. Not just disruption machine learning can predict other factors like customer demand on a particular occasion and many more.

Automate Supply Chain

From warehouse to doorstep delivery automation can be part of the supply chain. It speeds the process and enhances maintenance and accuracy. Robots can be enrolled for warehouse inventory management and automated vehicles are an option for delivery which will increase the efficiency of the supply chain.     

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