What are Some Good Applications of Telematics Systems?

Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Telematics has evolved into a necessary component of the trucking and transportation industries. It gives businesses operating a vehicle fleet unique insight into their vehicles and drivers.

FREMONT, CA: Telematics involves sending information over long distances remotely. It bridges the divide between two scientific fields: telecommunications and informatics. Most modern commercial vehicles use telematics. Many commercial vehicle manufacturers already install GPS tracking systems in fleet vehicles. Some vehicle manufacturers have partnered with telematics providers to support seamless vehicle system integration. In addition, smart cars already connect to the internet and support Wi-Fi, enabling two-way data communication with existing networks. Below are some good applications of telematics systems.

Vehicle capturing: Using GPS receivers and satellites, GPRS networks, and cloud computing, a driver can track his car quickly.

Asset tracking: GPS trackers are installed on trailers and other nonmotorized assets to keep track of their location at all times and to direct drivers to specific trailers. When drivers detach from their trailers, they can mark particular areas. Additionally, they can configure the system to notify them when a trailer departs without prior authorization.

Maintenance: A telematics system is used to manage vehicle maintenance and asset life cycles. The system can track hours-of-use, engine hours, and service records and assist drivers in scheduling preventative maintenance and monitoring warranty recovery. In addition, by monitoring engine diagnostics, they can manage their maintenance costs and keep an eye on their vehicles' operating conditions.

Safety monitoring: Telematics systems can track a truck's speed and location, identify dangerous driving behaviors, and verify that drivers are wearing seatbelts. Vehicle owners can use the data to determine the most effective methods for assisting their drivers in avoiding collisions and increasing their safety.

Insurance management: Telematics are used by insurance companies to monitor drivers' behavior, assess their risk levels, and set insurance premiums.

Telematics can also be a business management platform. It can send loads and alert customers to their order status by text and email or invoice customers using the equipment per site or automatic customer service and billing.

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