What Technology Offers Inventory Management?

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 30, 2020

Managing inventory is now possible from anywhere and at any time via a handheld smartphone.

FREMONT, CA: Everything in the world is becoming high-tech. And the logistics industry is certainly not exempted from this. The logistics businesses once worked on a parable that manual efforts and heavy labor would be the prerequisites to excel in the line of competition and thrive on generating higher revenue. But now, the logistics industry has moved a long way and has almost fully immersed itself into the ocean of technology. Be it supply chain or inventory management, and technology has lent its helping hand.

There is a sea of technological innovations, which have marked the onset of high tech intelligence in the realm of Top 10 Inventory Management Solution Companies - 2020inventory management. Adding to the list, technologists and engineers have come up with innovative mobile apps that manage inventory. These portable apps audit inventory by making use of digital avenues. They allow the inventory managers and the owners of the warehouse to track the affairs of the inventory from a remote location all round the clock.

The technology of radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a predominant one when it comes to inventory management. Using the significant principles of RFID, engineers have found a way for the users to take an audit practically in real-time. These RFID apps can be installed on handheld devices in order to make it portable and independent of the platform. The apps are ultimately connected to the server.

Engineers have clubbed various technologies together with RFID to enable this innovative and special feature of portable inventory auditing. And GPS and geospatial technologies are also among them. The real location of the inventory or a warehouse is plotted on to the virtual or digital scape. This geographic information is further synchronized with all the portable devices via apps and eventually with the server.

Technology has made the process of auditing inventories easier than ever. This potential solution can prevent logistics businesses from critical losses as warehouses can manage inventories any time and from anywhere. 

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