Why Contactless Delivery is Significant for Safety?

Why Contactless Delivery is Significant for Safety?

Linda James, Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Contactless delivery is becoming the new norm as companies are empolying various technologies that will automate the delivery system.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses have to make sure that they have full visibility and control on the delivery logistics if they want to apply proper no contact deliveries. Automation can assist the organizations in changing their manual process with digital technologies. These techniques can even reduce the requirement for contact among people in the entire process of delivery. 

How will automated contactless delivery look like?

• The organizations can automate the drivers and vehicle management so that they can decrease contact among the drivers, dispatchers, and other team members.

• Make use of the driver applications for automating processes such as tips, alternative proofs of delivery like using a photo instead of signature, and rejections.

Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Companies - 2020• Continuously communicate contactless transportation in marketing while shopping and checkout.

• Apply external fleets along with the other systems so that the crowdsourced and contracted drivers can utilize the same contactless delivery standards and solutions for the internal teams.

• Make use of the automated delivery updates so that they can send a notification to their consumers, particularly when they are anticipating a delivery that will offer them to communicate with the driver remotely.

The only option for delivery that the consumers must-have is no contact delivery when they reach the online checkout. However, if there are any services where the employees need to enter the houses of their customer, it is better to make sure that they convey the safety measures for consumers and drivers. 

For instance, the organizations have to ensure that the safety requirements are followed by making it compulsory for the drivers to upload their pictures of wearing gloves, or asking the driver for confirmation that they have sanitized the hands. The customers should know about the rules so that they act accordingly, and the companies can also build trust. It is equally necessary that the driver’s communication tools have the safety requirements and other options regarding contactless delivery. 

Moreover, it will also become easy for customers to track their products due to the automation of customer and driver communication. They can even conduct any changes required in the delivery with the driver as per their convenience. A proper technology will allow the consumers to approve digital tips to the drivers without even any face interaction.

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