Orca Intelligence: The Best Freight Audit Company in the Industry, Hands Down.

Marco Grossi, Co-Founder and Matt Grossi, Co-Founder, Orca IntelligenceMarco Grossi, Co-Founder and Matt Grossi, Co-Founder
Orca Intelligence is an organization that goes the extra mile for those they serve. With a result-oriented team that prioritizes excellence in all they do, Orca creates operational efficiencies and maximizes profits through its cutting-edge integrated supply chain technology. Going beyond traditional freight audit services, the company solves logistical and operational challenges of organizations by equipping their supply chain personnel with critical and reliable technology.

Orca prides itself on refusing to fit every client into a box. Knowing that every supply chain is unique, the company builds its system around clients’ logic, rules, and priorities. Prior to implementation, Orca engages with customers to take a deep dive into their specific needs and challenges, as well as the complexities that make up their shipping processes. Understanding the uniqueness of each client and their supply chain, Orca aims to become an extension of the clients’ logistics department, providing aid where they need it most.

“By putting the customer’s user experience first, Orca has maintained a perfect track record and has never lost a client. The supply chain requirements of each individual within a client’s company that uses our software is priority number one. It always has been, and always will be, about what else we can do to offer our clients increased value every day,” says Marco Grossi, Co-Founder of Orca.

In the freight audit industry that has long been resistant to change and technological innovation, Orca challenges the status quo by putting data at the center of everything they do. “Through our freight audit solution, we not only audit and automate the freight payables process but also equip each client with clean, real-time data that they can use for interactive business reporting in order to make better decisions faster,” says Grossi.

Orca integrates into all ERP, WMS, TMS, and carrier systems across North America via homegrown middleware software with the goal to centralize, standardize, and organize customers’ data sets to offer a multi-enterprise collaborative ecosystem for supply chain reporting.

By automating and connecting via APIs to all the customer’s vendors and carriers, Orca’s system pulls in critical information at granular levels to handle supply chain operations more efficiently. This includes, but not limited to, product SKU data in transit, updated ETA, delivery dates, and any other KPI that a customer can dream of.

After cleaning, standardizing, and consolidating the data from carriers in one place, Orca’s freight audit and analytics solution audit the data and automatically analyzes the supply chain and transportation network to find opportunities for cost savings.

Apart from auditing to 100 percent accuracy, the company helps clients with scenario modeling and transport network optimization, putting tens of millions back in client pockets each year.

One of Orca’s key selling features is its customized reports and dashboards created using clean data. It allows clients’ logistics and supply chain teams to track KPIs based on their daily business goals. Orca’s system assesses clients’ supply chain, identifies risks in it, offers insights to help expedite delivery, bridges the gaps on a delayed shipment, and suggests options for savings.

Orca partners with its clients to understand their technological wish lists. This helps the team create new solutions to meet clients’ present and future needs.

  • Our commitment is to create at least 100% ROI for every client, because if we charge less then we save, as well as offer cutting edge technology they cannot get anywhere else, it would make it a very hard decision for any client to leave us

“This year, our clients pointed us to a solution that would calculate, measure, and report on carbon emissions within the supply chain. So, we partnered with UofT, The Atmospheric Fund, and both Canadian and US governments in order to build out a first-to-market solution we now call ‘Orca’s Carbon Footprinting Tool,’” says Grossi. Building new technology capabilities for supply chain teams is one thing this powerhouse of a company refuses to shy away from. Orca’s goal is to provide every customer with at least 100 percent ROI. By staying innovative, the company has not missed that target to date.

The Carbon Emissions calculator takes the cake on what it means for Orca Intelligence to separate itself from the pack. By staying close with enterprise level clients, Orca Intelligence was able to identify another technology that executives wanted access to but didn’t have at the moment. Marco states, “Taking on these Big Hairy Projects is really what drives my brother and I. I mean to be able to contribute to and lead green initiatives within the supply chain space, that have nothing to do with freight audit. I guess it’s our way of making a bigger impact on the future of green initiatives within the transportation industry.” The tool calculates all modes of transportation and allows clients to become ISO approved and oblige to government reporting regulations for Scope 3 emissions. Orca has shown year after year that it will not back down from innovating new technologies that add value to its clients, and this year’s release is nothing less than amazing from a growing team that is punching above its weight class.

Backed by highly experienced professionals from the transportation industry, Orca has evolved beyond just a freight audit company to become a supply chain fin-tech company. The duo of Marco and Matt Grossi from a small town in Canada have created a company that is carving out the path ahead in supply chain optimization technologies. We can’t wait to see what they tackle next, but Orca is one company that cannot be left off the list for future supply chains looking for a tech-driven, data-focused freight audit partner.

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Orca Intelligence

Orca Intelligence

Toronto, Canada

Marco Grossi, Co-Founder and Matt Grossi, Co-Founder

Orca offers payables automation, data standardization/centralization, supply chain carbon foot-printing, and AI embedded supply chain analytics that focus on collecting and cleaning transportation data in order to increase profitability for every client.