Pinto Brasil: Shaping the Future of Assembly Lines and Intralogistics

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Antonio Brasil, Ceo, Pinto BrasilAntonio Brasil, Ceo The inside of Portugal’s first showroom and technological testing facility for the automotive industry resembles a futuristic sci-fi movie set. Immense automated storage and conveyor systems move back and forth beside towering racks and shelves, stocking and transporting materials in smooth, guided motions. Harness logistic systems safely carry electrical wire harnesses to dynamic assembly lines and conveyor belts, while automated guided vehicles transport components to and from the assembly area and storage racks. Integrating with the equipment to manage and coordinate shop floor operations is PRODUSI®, a Pinto Brasil software that ensures a high performance and efficiency level.

Spread over more than 2,000 square meters, this smart factory of the future is the application centre built by Pinto Brasil, a family-owned production equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry. Fully prepared for Industry 4.0, the application centre’s “shop floor” is a picture of efficiency with cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes.

Pinto Brasil replicates this smart operational efficiency for the shop floors of manufacturing companies.

Driven to transform production plants digitally, Pinto Brasil designs, develops and produces avant-garde assembly lines and smart intralogistics technologies. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of shop floor equipment, primarily in the electrical wire harness and automotive body parts divisions. The equipment physically and digitally connects with workstations and processes, creating integrated, smart production facilities that serve the entire manufacturing supply chain. This empowers manufacturing companies to optimise production and logistics operations with enhanced performance, quality, and cost-efficiency.

“We provide cyber-physical technologies that connect the entire manufacturing process in production facilities, from inbound to outbound operations,” says António Brasil, CEO of Pinto Brasil.

Digitalising Shop Floors

With an eagle’s eye view of customers’ production facilities, Pinto Brasil can detect minute inefficiencies in assembly lines and internal logistical procedures. These primarily involve moving, assembling, storing, and retrieving goods on the shop floor in less-than-optimal, opaque processes that cause production delays and subsequent business losses. Pinto Brasil is driven to eliminate these inefficiencies by digitalising shop floors through its suite of integrated production equipment.

Pinto Brasil’s equipment brings heightened accuracy, control, visibility, and reliability to the shop floor with reduced risks and human involvement. In the face of an ongoing labour shortage and rising production costs, Pinto Brasil’s equipment has the power to exceptionally transform shop floor operations.

The company’s suite of cyber-physical equipment includes smart assembly lines, storage and conveyor systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), pick-to-light systems, racks and shelves, and automated warehouses. Pinto Brasil also has dynamic, rotary, and overhang assembly lines and wire harness assembly lines equipped with navigation features, enabled by LED and artificial vision to monitor and test assembly operations.

One of Pinto Brasil’s smart assembly lines allows shop floor operators to extend the length of the conveyor line with decision points for control and inspection processes in a makeshift manner without a traditional assembly line setting. Pinto Brasil can also deploy AGVs to create dynamic lines with variable lengths, providing unparalleled operational flexibility. Finding takers for this equipment in multiple production plants has proven to be a game-changer in the industry.

We Provide Cyber-Physical Technologies That Can Connect The Manufacturing Process From Inbound Until Outbound Operations In Production Facilities

Pinto Brasil’s intralogistics offerings empower manufacturers with further shop floor enhancements. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS-RS), multi-level storage racks and shelves, AGVs, and rail-guided vehicles (RGVs) ease the transport and storage of goods. ShopStocker, Pinto Brasil’s smart AS-RS conveyor system, vertically and horizontally stores, retrieves, transports, and delivers components to the workstation.

CubeStocker is the company’s mini loader AS-RS system, while TranStocker is a dynamic storage system for automotive body parts.

A series of interconnected distribution equipment, namely electrified monorail systems, harness logistics systems, ground belt conveyors, automated conveyor systems, and kitting transfer systems, move components in a synchronised manner throughout the shop floor. Together, each machine enables safer operations, is low maintenance and energy efficient, and requires few site operators to run.

Integrating all the shop floor equipment is Pinto Brasil’s warehouse management software. It interfaces with the enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution system software and other machines of manufacturing companies, providing an enhanced perspective on their production processes. Pinto Brasil adds immense value to shop floor operations by bringing heightened efficiency and optimal performance.

Taking value addition a step further, Pinto Brasil creates integrated smart factories, shop floors, and assembly lines with intelligent production plans and processes. It provides integrated shop floor equipment that interface with third-party equipment for enhanced visibility and traceability to major players in the automotive and electrical wire harness industries.

Case in point, a car bumper manufacturer was using forklifts and rugs to transport components within the shop floor and then to trucks for transporting to OEMs and car manufacturers. This took significant time, effort, and human resources, with added lack of visibility and control. The process was transformed when Pinto Brasil installed ShopStocker. It interfaced with the manufacturer’s existing equipment and systems to link their entire inbound and outbound operations in one seamless, integrated process. The manufacturer gained absolute traceability, high performance, and more flexibility in managing its production process through completely digitalised operations.

Passionate about developing technology to ease operations, Pinto Brasil is working on a client project that is set to be a game-changer in manufacturing plant storage options. It involves designing and producing an overhead conveyor layer for an electric vehicle manufacturer. The layer uses special containers and logistics robots to store and transport automotive body parts suspended from the ceiling. This will heavily optimise shop floors with an increase in floor space. Pinto Brasil will also deploy logistics robots to pick and place items and assist in welding operations. It will significantly reduce potential accidents in moving body parts and free shop floor operators for other valuable tasks.
  • Our Technologies Are Numerous And Generic, And Can Be Applied To Shop Floors In Any Circumstance In Any Industry

Stepping Into the Food Tech Terrain

“Our technologies are numerous and generic, and can be applied to shop floors in any circumstance in any industry,” states António Brasil.

Pinto Brasil’s passion for technological innovations on the shop floor takes another leap in the food tech industry. In collaboration with French company Pazzi Robotics, Pinto Brasil has helped build the world’s first fully automated restaurant. Pazzi, the Paris-based restaurant, is completely robot-operated with state-of-the-art equipment supplied by Pinto Brasil.

Pazzi has multiple food manufacturing machines, inbound and outbound logistics robots equipped with artificial vision, and an automated kitchen and warehouse within its 45-square-meter restaurant premises. The equipment interfaces with human-facing digital applications, where customers can place orders and have them prepared and delivered by robots to their tables.

Driving Innovation, Resilience and Sustainability

Sights set on delivering technological novelties, Pinto Brasil has developed resilient, long-term strategies to build high-performing shop floor equipment and technologies that offer good ROI to manufacturers. This is enabled by Pinto Brasil’s commitment to R&D operations, which acts as a critical differentiator. It fosters a strong focus on bringing sustainability to the shop floor through enhanced operational efficiency.

Pinto Brasil’s R&D activities tie in with a dedication to work closely with customers to build customised plant equipment. In developing custom equipment, the company ensures the right solution is provided to clients in the very first instance. This approach has made Pinto Brasil a known industry name in the last three decades of its operations.

Propelled by a penchant for disruptive projects, Pinto Brasil is steadily advancing with its expert engineering and manufacturing competence. Along the way, Pinto Brasil remains dedicated to being an integral part of novel developments in the logistics equipment manufacturing space, bringing greater efficiencies to customers in their production facilities—be it in factories, eateries, or newer terrains.

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Pinto Brasil

Pinto Brasil

Guimarães, Portugal

Antonio Brasil, Ceo

Pinto Brasil offers industrial solutions to optimise shop floor operations through its design, development and production of equipment for assembly lines and intralogistics. It also has a dedicated R&D division to drive innovation in the automotive industry with its shop floor equipment solutions