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Stephanie Fisher, Marketing Manager and Brittain Ladd, CMO, PULSE IntegrationStephanie Fisher, Marketing Manager and Brittain Ladd, CMO
As retailers struggle with the complexities and pressures of e-commerce, micro-fulfillment has emerged to be a game changer, lowering the last-mile delivery costs. Customers demand easy access to products, speed of delivery, and high-touch customer service. Businesses must evolve quickly to navigate the ecommerce demand and to stay ahead of their competitors. More retailers are relying on automated fulfillment to lower costs, ensure accuracy, and decrease processing times. E-commerce continues to account for a larger percentage of market share each year. With a myriad of micro-fulfillment solution providers in the market, retailers often find themselves out of their depth while choosing the correct solution for their facilities. In most cases, they buy the solutions but hit a dead-end when it comes to systematic implementation and use. Without a planned-out and well-documented strategy, it is unlikely for a retailer to leverage a micro-fulfillment solution to drive value.

At this juncture, PULSE Integration is an integration consultancy that has redefined the e-commerce in-store customer experience with years of expertise in micro-fulfillment technology. The firm is one of the few that poses the capability not only to recognize the correct micro-fulfillment solutions for a retailer but also to develop a planned strategy for successful implementation in facilities. PULSE is a leading full system integrator that specializes in providing clients with scalable engineered solutions. Cultivating over 45 years of material handling experience to specifically help companies leverage the right mix of technology (digital and physical) in their facilities. The PULSE team ingrains Industry 4.0 Thinking into the design philosophy at every level to deliver best-in-class agnostic solutions. Further, the firm provides end-to-end services starting from acquiring the right technologies to seamlessly integrate them with its robust software capability. The technology-neutral firm deters from the one-size-fits-all approach and provides customizable micro-fulfillment solutions that deliver the flexibility and scalability needed for streamlining automated online retail fulfillment. This approach ensures projects are scoped to fit the needs of the customer while remaining adaptable for a changing market. “Our open-book process adapts to business needs in real-time, and provides custom-engineered solutions aligned to your decision ‘gates’,” says Brittain Ladd, CMO of PULSE. The firm follows a transparent and driven methodology to get the work done while managing client expectations. “PULSE Integration is a strong innovative team with experience serving customers of any size, bringing their logistics into the needs of the future,” says Ladd.

PULSE partners with a wide range of companies including Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), AGV, ASRS robotic palletizing solutions, material handling conveyor solutions and complete system solutions for e-commerce. PULSE’s end goal is to ensure that the clients can get their desired outcomes from the technology integration.

“Without seamless systems integration, your investment in equipment and software is a business risk,” says Ladd. PULSE builds in flexibility and room for scalable growth into automation solutions that simultaneously increase productivity, streamlines operations, and free up floor space.

PULSE Integration is a strong innovative team with experience serving clients of any size, bringing their logistics into the needs of the future

PULSE approaches each project in a four-phase methodology, supporting from the beginning of facility transformation to lifetime support.

Phase 1 begins with collecting data, the PULSE team will develop side-by-side technology options and build a project feasibility business case. Next, the team works alongside its clients to build out the data and design criteria specific to their use case. Phase 1 wraps with a detailed design of the best concept as decided in collaboration with the client’s team.

In Phase 2, following design approval, software and technology solutions are finalized based on the engineering in Phase 1. Clients are provided with a full design study and system elements are released for manufacturing, installation, and inspection based on the project schedule. “Our quality control ensures all equipment is assembled and installed according to the design,” says Ladd.

To provide confidence in the newly developed solution during Phase 3, PULSE provides an Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) that meet the needs of the real-world operations of your facility. During Phase 3 training, safety features, system rate, and quality are documented.

Phase 4 consists of LifeTime Services where PULSE works alongside their client team offering maintenance, parts replacement, remote and on-site support to keep systems running smoothly. Additionally, “Our PULSE.exe software solution enables industry-4.0 design in your facility and is upgradable as your business needs grow or change,” informs Ladd.

PULSE’s robust software ensures all integration connects seamlessly to new and existing operations. PULSE aims at making the solution align to the real-world expectations of the clients. To that end, it carries out training protocols, safety features, and performance measurements. “We make sure that the client is set up for long-term success with constant ongoing support. We live by this methodology: We exist to be a valued extension of our clients engineering and logistics team so that they can have access to resources to deliver creativity and innovation with transparency and agility,” says Stephanie Fisher, Marketing Manager of PULSE.

In a case study, one of PULSE’s retail clients faced the challenge of an overflowing warehouse. With manual handling, picking, and packing process in place, they faced difficulties in controlling all the touchpoints and long pathways involved in the process. Witnessing the challenge, the client turned to PULSE to implement processes that can automate the entire packing system. PULSE consolidated all the clients’ rack stores and provided a cube-based AutoStore system, automating the storage and retrieval process. The system freed up a significant amount of space for packing stations for outbound and inbound inventory staging and allowed the client to expand. “We decreased their inventory management time by 33 percent, and the time to pick and the package was cut down by half,” states Ladd.

Agile and adaptable, PULSE weathered off the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing safety protocols both on- and off-site. Highly innovative, the firm took full advantage of virtual systems to keep up communication among the teams and keep the work flowing without hindrance. Moving forward, PULSE is set to make acquisitions to expand its service offerings and area of operation.

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PULSE Integration

Pittston, Pennsylvania

Stephanie Fisher, Marketing Manager and Brittain Ladd, CMO

PULSE Integration, a WEPCO company based in Pittston PA provides clients with scalable engineered solutions