Resolv WMS: Warehouse Management for the Digital Economy

On the frontline in today’s accelerating digital economy, wholesale distributors are feeling increased pressure to meet their customer’s shifting demands, while at the same time trying to adapt their business models to counter the ‘Amazon Effect’, within their industry.

Achieve IT Solutions is helping companies transform their warehouse and logistics operations with their Resolv WMS applications. At its core, Resolv is a robust, feature-rich warehouse management program that is designed to shorten the order fulfillment cycle, while reducing errors and increasing productivity and profits.

Resolv is a fully integrated suite of distribution, logistics, and warehouse management software that, in addition to providing standard warehouse management system (WMS) for picking, packing, and receiving products, also uses modular technology to enable enterprises to improve operations in several areas. This includes quality control, inbound and outbound receiving of containers and integration with shipping carriers and third-party logistics.

Utilizing the SAP HANA In-Memory database and application platform as its foundation, users of Resolv WMS gain rapid access to data from their Android or Apple iOS-based scanner, smartphone or tablet.

“Leveraging the SAP HANA database and HTML5 technology, Resolv provides the capability for warehouse workers to get an immediate answer to their questions about items, orders, shipping or other relevant information, directly from their handheld device,” says Timothy Singleton, CEO of Achieve IT Solutions.

Warehouse workers can leverage Resolv with product spec sheets, instructions, MSDS in PDF format, and track the status of an inbound delivery, via the web, from their device. The result is reduced mistakes and returns and overall increased warehouse efficiency.

Utilizing the built-in camera available on most devices, Resolv enables warehouse workers to take a picture and have it digitally attached to transactions within the ERP database. This practical use of technology reduces resolution time for receipt of damaged goods, ensures quality control processing and fulfills regulatory requirements.

Leveraging SAP HANA database and HTML5 technology, Resolv brings tremendous flexibility that drives seamless integration between new devices and warehouse equipment

Resolv also includes a messenger platform through which the warehouse workers can communicate with front office staff, eliminating the need for email and phone-based communication. “Resolv’s extensive feature set increases a company’s service level while cost-effectively improving their overall efficiency–empowering users to stay on par with the ‘Amazons’ of the world,” says Singleton.

Resolv also offers an optional freight management module that utilizes web services to provide a real-time integration to dozens of different shipping carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, ABF, XPO, USPS and more. This freight component provides distributors the ability to track inbound and outbound shipments and manage freight costs and mark up policies while further automating and streamlining the delivery-to-invoice process.

Achieve IT Solutions currently offers Resolv in 48 different languages, a combination of which can be configured within the same warehouse environment. Currently, Achieve IT Solutions is working on integrating Resolv WMS into an array of diverse systems for increased automation and productivity. They further plan to expand Resolv’s capabilities into the rental market with a renewed approach to efficiently handle inventory for shipping, returning, and billing processes within a single, powerful end-to-end application. “We invite you to experience the extensive capabilities of Resolv WMS and experience how it can efficiently optimize your distribution operations,” concludes Singleton.