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Jason Steinke, Executive VP, RIM logistics, ltd.Jason Steinke, Executive VP
In the supply chain sector, communication and visibility of goods play a crucial role in determining the success rate of product delivery and customer engagement. However, the lack of appropriate tools to collect accurate data often leads to broken communication and poor visibility into channels, thereby significantly impacting the movement of cargo. What supply chain organizations need is a reliable and competent solution provider that addresses all logistics aspects and offers a transparent and holistic view of goods and products to the suppliers. This is where Illinois-based, RIM logistics, ltd. (RIM), a warehouse and logistics solution provider, aces the supply chain space with its customer-driven logistics solutions.

Established in 1997, RIM logistics, ltd. offers unparalleled solutions through the following services: air and ocean freight forwarding, container freight station services, contact management, distribution warehousing, fulfillment and cargo risk management, and insurance management. RIM’s entire workforce community is trained and hired to complement its mission of building and fostering an environment where employees, customers, and vendors can grow.

The company has partnered with Salesforce to develop its exclusive, web-based portal—RIM Community—which brings in data sets from various supply chain sources and helps customers by increasing transparency and communication around all logistics touch points. “With RIM Community, customers have the freedom to see the entire logistics landscape, be it the warehouse, international, or domestic environment, and communicate the same with their partners or employees,” mentions Jason Steinke, Executive VP at RIM logistics, ltd.

At its core, RIM logistics, ltd. employs several operating systems for its distinct services—WiseTech Global for international and finance management, MercuryGate for domestic transport management, and Deposco for warehouse management.

With RIM Community, we are offering customers the freedom to gain visibility over the entire logistics landscape, be it the warehouse, international, or domestic environment

Additionally, RIM has begun its journey with Microsoft’s Power BI. RIM has started extracting relevant data from such systems, connecting that information with the RIM Community, and providing customers with real-time data for their shipments. The next phase will be to detect anomalies in datasets, which deviate from key milestones such as shipment status, carriers’ details, and standard parameters. “In a warehouse-inventory environment, when the cargo is shipped, whether it is via seaways, airways, or roadways, any deviation from standard parameters are notified directly to the customers through emails and shortly in the future, text messages,” states Steinke. “Alerts are sent to the clients, even when there is a new quote request.” Additionally, RIM logistics, ltd. holds competency in tracking quotes or booking requests, by navigating back in the system to showcase the current logistics trends and how the customers’ cargo movement and customer engagement process has changed.

RIM logistics, ltd. is also largely focusing on the different approaches toward the order-to-cash cycle. Whether it is through traditional purchase order techniques, carrier usage, manufacturing process, or warehousing, RIM logistics, ltd. has trained its entire team of professionals to work through the order-to-cash cycle. “We even help customers, who are unaware about the order-to-cash cycle, to see the gaps and challenges, thus empowering them to build methodologies around such opportunities,” states Steinke.

Initially, RIM’s journey appeared to be slow and uncertain. Today, the company is certain about its mission and ready for speed. With a focus on international or domestic transportation methods, RIM logistics, ltd. is delivering on-time and accurate visibility, as well as a measurable picture of the entire logistics landscape to its customers. In the future, RIM envisions engaging its customers with the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to eliminate manual aberrations in document management and improve its order-to-cash cycle service. Simultaneously, RIM logistics, ltd. strives to further develop its partnership with Salesforce and use its Community platform as a one-stop shop portal, where customers can instantly find everything they are looking for.

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RIM logistics, ltd.

Roselle, IL

Jason Steinke, Executive VP

RIM logistics is dedicated to providing “Customer-Driven” logistics solutions. Their personal involvement and global network ensure that shipments will meet all regional, national and international regulations to help minimize delays and maximize productivity. A RIM representative personally manages every step of the shipment, monitoring the project to handle issues wherever they occur