Scanco: Automating Supply Chain Operations

Tess Boros, Partner, ScancoTess Boros, Partner
Today’s warehouses seek functionality based on the latest technologies without having to go through long system integration processes. Hitting the bullseye in helping clients unleash the benefits of cutting-edge technology sans the ordeal of lengthy implementations to automate supply chain operations is Scanco—a leading provider of fully integrated warehouse management and manufacturing automation solutions—based in Nokomis, FL. Having started off in 1989 with a batch-driven solution that collected data on a handheld device, which could then be uploaded to customers’ ERP systems, Scanco has come a long way in utilizing iOS and Android devices to connect to ERP systems for real-time data validation.

Scanco’s solution portfolio consists of smartphone applications for warehouse management and manufacturing automation. The company offers out-of-the-box integrations with ERP systems such as Sage, Acumatica, and NetSuite, allowing customers to install the solution and train users in days as opposed to months. The integration technology used by Scanco even supports the customization of applications with functions that are unavailable in a majority of the standard offerings. Furthermore, Scanco provides training and implementation services for shipping, receiving, and physical counts along with pallet tracking, directed picking and put-away, replenishment, bin management, and on-the-water-container tracking. “Scanco’s customers can grow from entry level warehouse automation to a fully integrated warehouse management system at a fraction of the cost of higher-end WMS systems,” mentions Tess Boros, partner at Scanco.

Scanco’s prowess in technology and functionality along with the acquisitions of key components in the supply chain has made it a market leader in the warehouse management domain.

Scanco’s customers can grow from entry level warehouse automation to a fully integrated warehouse management system at a fraction of the cost of higher-end WMS systems

The company’s solution has been instrumental in transforming the warehouse management operations for several organizations. Among them was Gold Crest Distributing—a wholesale distributor of wild bird and nature products—that encountered numerous challenges in managing its warehouse due to manual processing of order and related details during trade shows. Further, within the warehouse, tasks such as arranging pallets, printing labels, and inventory tracking proved to be problematic. When brought onboard, Scanco brought drastic changes to the environment by automating the sales process, in a short period. Printing of labels was also automated which reduced the preparation time for trade shows to the extent of 60 percent; not only did the automation eliminate a major overhead with regard to time, but also enabled Gold Crest Distributing to participate in over a dozen trade shows every year. Moreover, when Gold Crest Distributing’s warehouse was expanded from 80,000 to 120,000 square feet, Scanco helped the client integrate Multi-Bin with Sage 100, following which inventories could be scanned and tracked using mobile devices.

Scanco’s efficiency has resulted in numerous client success stories and propelled the company to new heights. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private organizations in the U.S. In the days to come, Scanco intends to strengthen its relationship with Sage, Acumatica, MYOB, and NetSuite. The company is also looking to enter into partnerships with organizations across multiple domains, so as to expand its product range. “We intend to integrate our app with a host of other ERP applications to enable greater benefits to our clients,” concludes Boros.