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Steve Showalter, Director of Sales, ScanForceSteve Showalter, Director of Sales
A good data capture strategy is an essential aspect in modern-day businesses across various industries. In particular, data collection plays a critical role in warehousing management. It is quintessential for a warehouse executive to know the status of his stock in regards to location, flow, and quality. The loss of information on one of these results in degradation in the other. While many companies have attempted to help clients who are in need of such solutions, the void persists. ScanForce from Miami, Florida was founded to forever "delete" these issues.

At a time when tracking and locating an obstacle in a warehouse with a large number of small SKUs can be very complicated, even though teams might be well organized, ScanForce is focused on helping Sage 100 clients manage their warehouse and business operations more effectively through the use of barcodes and mobile devices. That is however on paper. In reality, though, ScanForce is much more. The firm's professional staffs provide the expertise and insight to help you design and implement sound business solutions to distribute most critical business processes and information to your mobile workforce.

The bar-coding solution provided by ScanForce is a Sage certified solution that is designed exclusively for Sage 100, and it is compatible with the latest handheld and tablet devices with Windows, Apple IOS, and Android. In the words of Steve Showalter, Director of Sales, “We take pride in providing a sophisticated solution that is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain.”

ScanForce’s solutions reduce downtime and errors by using barcode scanners that send inventory information across the client’s wireless network.

Streamlining our solution is easy because we focus on every client’s shortcoming to implement solutions to suit their needs

Apart from that, clients can print labels on the fly with a printer equipped with an easy-to-use interface and control panel. The solutions offered by ScanForce are flexible to such an extent that even when the client is not connected to the network via tethering, the client can still derive the information from data look-up.

Kristin Fitzgerald, CFO, Fitzgerald Inc, a dairy farm equipment and service company in Elkader, IA, says, “We purchased the ScanForce bar-coding software and equipment in May of 2012. It has been, in my opinion, the single best purchase our business has ever made to improve efficiency and accuracy with inventory in our business. Not only has it eliminated the errors that come with manual entry, but it has also made our remotes sales people responsible for their customer invoices and truck inventory. It is easy to use, and problems have been virtually non-existent.” For over 15 years, ScanForce has focused on helping clients manage their warehouse and business operations more effectively by using barcodes and mobile devices. With time, ScanForce has earned the trust of many clients like FedEx, Whirlpool, and MTV to name a few.

The company started primarily as a two-man team working to provide a dependable solution in a market where one was desperately needed. In a short period, ScanForce has progressed in leaps and bounds, and the company has improved its services with time to expand its client base and generate desired output on time. Currently, ScanForceis focusing on expanding its portfolio by adding more features and functionality to the solutions including Pallet Tracking and Advanced Dashboard features leading to additional functionality related to a warehouse. “Streamlining our solution is easy because we focus on every client’s shortcoming to implement solutions to suit their needs,” Showalter concludes.

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Miami, FL

Steve Showalter, Director of Sales

ScanForce assists small to medium-sized businesses to implement scalable, easy to use, and robust barcoding solutions for inventory management and process automation. ScanForce provides a full suite of Warehouse Management Solutions as well as Mobile Sales solutions for field reps. It is a Sage Certified Solution that is designed exclusively for Sage 100 and Sage Intacct, and runs on the latest handheld and tablet devices with Windows, Apple iOS, and Android. Incorporated in 2006, the company is headquartered in Miami, Florida. The specialties of the company include Bar Codes, Sage 100, Warehouse Management, Mobile Sales, and Sage Intacct