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Claus Fahlbusch, Founder and CEO, shipcloudClaus Fahlbusch, Founder and CEO
The power of e-commerce has inspired many businesses to jump onto the bandwagon even though it had its shortcomings initially. Nearly a decade ago, there was poor integration of carriers and a lack of automation in online shopping systems. Unlike a payment service interface, the integration of a carrier interface seemed cumbersome and expansive from a programmer’s point of view. As a result, Hamburg-based shipcloud was born with an idea to simplify this interface and make it universal for several carriers, ideally for as many carriers as possible.

shipcloud provides a cloud-based SaaS platform that connects to carrier legacy systems and warehouse and ERP systems as well as online shop systems on the other side. It offers booking of service, tracking, pickup and returns and this service is preintegrated into more than 130 shop/ERP systems, connecting retailers to all carriers in one interface and allowing automated international shipping and tracking. Depending on the expected monthly shipping volume, there is an applicable subscription for every retailer. This solution offers total freedom in their choice of carriers, while saving time and money to focus on their core activities. shipcloud is directly integrated into the partner systems, which means its customers can print their shipping labels without leaving their webshop system.

“If you need an integration with a carrier service, shipcloud is your partner,” states Claus Fahlbusch, founder and CEO of shipcloud. The firm provides a wide range of carrier services, domestic and international, and tracking and returns for those delivery services. As a shipcloud user, clients only need one interface to the shipcloud platform and can easily book any of its attached carrier services directly out of their shipping system, a webshop, an ERP, or warehouse software.

If you need integration with a carrier service, shipcloud is your partner

They can create shipping orders for more than 20 carrier services and book the service into a carrier’s backend.The platform enables tracking and tracing data and provides events like “shipped” or “received” through several options like emails, a multi-carrier tracking page, and so-called webhooks to push an event into customer systems automatically. The tracking page and emails can be customised as per every customer’s requirement.

shipcloud platform also provides a customisable return portal that allows the creation of return labels as self-service so that the merchant does not have an expansive return process but an automated one. Customers can choose from return options and select return reasons to get automatically input into the backend system of the merchant. shipcloud retrieves all parcel status information directly from the carrier’s backend systems. “We have a tracking event nearly in real-time in our platform,” says Fahlbusch. The platform stores the events and the complete trace information like where the parcel is dropped or handed over to the recipient. The sender and receiver of a parcel can be notified when parcels get delayed or lost. shipcloud also provides a customisable tracking page that can be set up with the look and feel of the e-commerce merchant’s webshop and customisable emails that can be ideally used as additional touchpoints with online shoppers. For instance, Biomaris, a large online store specialising in beauty products, needed a multi-carrier solution to replace several old native carrier software solutions. The client benefitted hugely from the shipcloud platform as the track and trace feature of the SaaS was precisely what they needed.

At shipcloud, sustainability has developed into one of its core values. As the e-commerce business model has a substantial negative impact on the environment, the company explored its ways in terms of sustainability in general and into more eco-friendly shipping solutions in particular.

Therefore, shipcloud pays the surcharge for DHL GoGreen and UPS carbon neutral for its customers, and it compensates for CO2 emissions and enables these shipping companies to invest in green delivery methods. “Shipping and sustainability may sound afar but it is important to us to help introduce and raise awareness of green and sustainable technologies,” concludes Fahlbusch.

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Hamburg, Germany

Claus Fahlbusch, Founder and CEO

shipcloud enables customers to choose the best carrier for each shipment or increase revenues dramatically by letting their customers choose the preferred carrier- like offering multi-payment methods