Sourceability: Digitalizing the Global Electronic Supply Chain

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Jens Gamperl, Founder and CEO, SourceabilityJens Gamperl, Founder and CEO
Designing and producing complex electronic products is a multidimensional process. Manufacturers must first produce a bill of materials (BOM) and then approach hundreds of suppliers to procure the raw components. Only then, can manufacturers receive quotes from various suppliers, which need to be consolidated typically using spread sheets. Manufacturers are exploring new ways to simplify this time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Insights into the changing global inventory and fluctuating product prices can help manufacturers optimize the process of sourcing parts and receiving quotes.

Source ability™, a global distributor of electronic components,offers digital tools, services and data, to help manufacturers tap into every opportunity to digitalize the electronic component supply chain and streamline the buying and selling processes. The company’s comprehensive suite of digital solutions and services provide manufacturers with access to reliable market intelligence and enables engineering sourcing for product design and assembly requirements.

Source ability’s Sourcengine™, a leading global e-commerce marketplace for electronic components, brings over 3,500 suppliers under a single roof. Clients are provided with oversight on the global availability of electronic components, pricing, and lead times. They can upload their BOM, instantly receive quotes from global suppliers, and complete the procurement process with a single click.

“Due to the immeasurable value we bring, we can break through the clients’ and prospects’ existing supply chain as a better, faster, and a more economical solution. We are proud that Sourceability remains the leading solution on the market to provide buyers and engineers instant quotes,”says Jens Gamperl, founder and CEO of Source ability.

Sourcengine is a technology tool that clients can readily use without making massive investments in time and money to develop their own solutions. Clients can receive quotes either through a website or integrate Sourcengine with their existing SAP, Oracle, or other ERP systems with APIs.

With Sourcengine, client get access to all there sources they need to source parts, receive quotes, and calculate the BOM without hassle,in two ways. They can interact with the Source ability’s global sales team comprising of over 80 experts and a back office to quickly add necessary capabilities. A lternatively, users can browse through the Sourcengine’s website to search for parts to purchase or upload a BOM or a parts list to get an instant quote as well as purchase or submit an RFQ.

Sourcengine also offers Quotengine™to help users find additional stock, better pricing, and plan for deliveries up to 12 months in advance. This provides the most comprehensive way for electronic component purchasers to get pricing and lead times across thousands of vendors and manage their BOMs.

Under Source ability’s umbrella, the company also offers Datalynq™which provides extensive market intelligence and analytics across a billion electronic components to make data-driven decisions and optimize the supply chain.

Due to the immeasurable value we bring to the table, we can break through the clients’ and prospects’ existing supply chain as a better, faster, and a more economical solution

Recently, the company announced an additional excess inventory solution to provide clients with an opportunity to market and sell components in the same marketplace if they have an overstock of materials.

“Our expanded capabilities have enabled us to grow from being a startup to a billion-dollar company in seven years and establish ourselves as a brand for innovation in an old industry,” says Gamperl.

Source ability’s solutions have been beneficial to numerous clients. In one instance, it helped one client move away from spreadsheets to source vendors to reduce long wait times. Upon integrating Sourcengine with their system via APIs, it quoted up to 10,000 products a day and sent orders for shipping automatically. It also seamlessly managed huge volumes of data and achieved increased flexibility and efficiency.

Backed by a network of employees with extensive expertise, Source ability continues to push the boundaries of electronic component supply chain innovation.

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Jens Gamperl, Founder and CEO

Sourceability offers a comprehensive suite of forward-thinking digital tools and services to provide electronic component manufacturers with access to reliable market intelligence and enables engineering sourcing for product design and assembly requirements