ThroughPut: Driving Resilience in Supply Chains with Predictive Replenishment

Ali Raza, CEO, ThroughPutAli Raza, CEO
Significant disruptions to global supply chains have made optimized, demand-driven inventory replenishment planning a necessity. To ensure sustainable growth amid complex market conditions, businesses need to leverage a replenishment plan where order fulfillment and waste elimination go hand-in-hand.

ThroughPut helps organizations meet this need using predictive replenishment and achieve holistic supply chain excellence through its AI-powered software suite.

ThroughPut’s AI-powered supply chain software suite provides organizations with timely insights that help increase output, reduce operational expense, enhance inventory optimization, and transform operational excellence.

“While assisting businesses with the demand side of operations, our software senses demand signals at a very local level and sends them back so that they are informed to purchase and produce only what is needed,” says Ali Raza, CEO of ThroughPut.

For instance, baby formula may not have the same demand in a state like Montana as in California, which has a growing infant population. ThroughPut’s platform helps businesses procure the ideal amount of the product by matching the global supply with the real, local demand.

By tapping into purchase order data, ThroughPut optimizes the product mix down to individual locations. For example, products that sell quickly in Miami may not be a hot commodity at the same dollar store in Omaha. With the right product mix, retailers can extract greater profits and facilitate seamless order management.

On the supply side, ThroughPut’s software has the ability to factor in real lead times, which distinguishes it from transaction-based TMS, WMS, and ERP systems that assume fixed lead times. If the time taken to obtain a product from a supplier has increased from three days to three weeks, for instance, retailers need to be able to rapidly adjust order quantity and frequency or even change the supplier and mode of transportation.

ThroughPut makes this possible by combining multiple functions, such as end-to-end supply chain management and design, manufacturing and retail planning, and supply chain optimization, into a single platform.

To deliver maximum benefits to its customers, ThroughPut leverages machine learning programs to automatically transform the data collected from disparate sources and determine the best schedules for delivery and production. These are then combined with the constantly changing demand signals to facilitate faster product movement.

The benefits of leveraging AI and machine learning were evident in the case of a supermarket, where Throughput combined historical data and upcoming demand to determine if the retailer was over-discounting their products. The data revealed that a 30 percent discount would move as much inventory as 50 percent.

  • While assisting businesses with the demand side of operations, our software senses demand signals at a very local level and sends them back so that they are informed to purchase and produce only what is needed

ThroughPut also analyzes data patterns to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in real-time and drive cost efficiency for its clients. In one instance, the company helped a leading building materials manufacturer save millions of dollars. The client was looking to purchase 100 new trucks to meet the increasing demand for cement.

After analyzing the cement blends that were actually selling, whether they were delivered to a construction site or a Home Depot store, and other downstream operations, the software identified that nearly 30 to 40 percent of the product would expire by the time it reached the end location. By optimizing the product mix, ThroughPut helped the client deliver to the right place at the right time, bring down costs, and free up capacity at the manufacturing site without them having to invest in more trucks. As a result, ThroughPut saved the client $31 million and significantly increased their ROI. From an ESG perspective, the client earned nearly $7 million in carbon credits.

With a unique blend of experienced professionals, expert advisors, and tech-savvy freshers, ThroughPut drives innovation on each project. A logistics company first, ThroughPut truly understands its customers’ problems and provides an integrated view of companywide supply chain operations to drive financial and operational excellence.

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Palo Alto, CA

Ali Raza, CEO

ThroughPut’s AI-powered software allows vendors to run leaner, faster, smoother, and safer operations out of the box. The company’s software senses demand signals at a very local level and sends the signals back in time to purchase and produce only what is needed.