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Thomas Larrieu, CEO, UpplyThomas Larrieu, CEO
Inflation in the West, China’s Covid-19 limitations, and Europe’s war In April, this unfavorable combination had a significant influence on shipping demand. The impact, which began to be noticed in mid-March, was barely noticeable in the first quarter results of the main shipping companies, but several of them forewarned that there would be a lot more uncertainty ahead. Furthermore, the supply chain industry faces several challenges whether structural and cyclical such as: price volatility, information opacity, overbooking, last-minute cancellations, pressure on capacities and underutilization are all market defects that hinder its efficiency. The situation is increasingly detrimental to both sides of the market. New solutions must be found and digitization is a real opportunity to unleash business. Addressing these challenges and envisioning a world where supply chains are simple and fluid is France-based Upply.

Launched in November 2018, Upply is a marketplace for freight transportation. By combining supply chain expertise and data science, Upply offers an instant vision on freight rates (road, sea, air) at a global scale. The company’s ambition is also to reconnect the supply and demand of road freight: Upply launched a marketplace allowing connection between shippers and road transporters. After three years of existence, the start-up already has around fifty employees, committed together to embody the supply chain.

Upply partners with shippers, carriers, freight forwarders or design offices with which they have signed a partnership agreement. The company is connected to their information systems and can easily retrieve their invoicing data. In return, these partners benefit from access to Upply’s smart solution at a preferential rate. The company’s smart solution is an artificial intelligence (AI) application for benchmarking and analysing transportation prices. The solution includes different functionalities, available according to the chosen subscription such as: market insights, benchmarking freight rates, smartscan, and finding the Upply indexes to follow the evolution of transport prices.

Additionally, Upply’s geographical coverage on the benchmark solution is unique: road, in Europe and North America, maritime, worldwide, and air, worldwide. The functionality is available on the main global transport axes, in road France, road USA, maritime world and air world.

Upply uses a so-called “learning” algorithm to extract all the value from the data collected. From this data and thanks to the statistical modelling work carried out upstream, Upply’s algorithm is able to model the price construction logic by taking into account thousands of parameters simultaneously: origin, destination, weight, type of goods, date, etc. The company’s geographical modelling is based on 38 logistics hubs in Europe, including 12 in France. The number of data allows the firm to go into greater detail in the analysis and to establish new hubs.

Furthermore, through its second solution, a digital marketplace, Upply connects shippers’ demand with carriers’ offers and allows them to set their own prices and conditions. Carriers find new business opportunities, and shippers find transport solutions. As a trusted third party, Upply verifies the documents and the solvency of the actors registered on the platform, manages the administrative procedures from A to Z.

The Upply marketplace connects road carriers, freight forwarders and shippers directly without nay registration fee, unlimited and free freight and loads search, and payment on transaction only

The Upply marketplace connects road carriers, freight forwarders and shippers directly without nay registration fee, unlimited and free freight and loads search, and payment on transaction only. Upply applies an identical service fee of 2.5% to both the shipper and the carrier. This fee is indicated directly on the order and on the invoices: on the one hand, it is added to the cost of transport for the shipper; on the other hand, it is subtracted from the amount paid by Upply to the carrier - after the transport has taken place.

Launched in 2018, the company is headquartered in Levallois, implements its unique solution, the company employs data scientists, logistics professionals, information technology, and digital experts. By following its mission to reset the fundamentals of the supply chain market and to unleash the business potential of every player in the industry, Upply allows everyone to overcome market volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Going ahead, Upply will continue to help shippers, carriers and forwarders in their decision making utilizing it smart solution.

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Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France

Thomas Larrieu, CEO

Upply combines business expertise and data science to bring transport and supply chain professionals a digital solution to benchmark and anticipate freight transport prices