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Jay Stamerro, General Manager and Vice-President, USA FulfillmentJay Stamerro, General Manager and Vice-President
In today’s fast-growing and uncertain market environment, organizations must efficiently run their supply chain and gain a competitive advantage. Outsourcing logistics enables an enterprise to focus on its core competencies instead of getting involved in managing non-core but critical functions while enjoying the benefits of logistical expertise without deploying internal resources.

For over thirty years, Maryland-based 3PL USA Fulfillment has worked to go beyond its clients’ and associates’ expectations while achieving profitability for all parties involved. The company provides comprehensive one-stop solutions for enterprise supply chains in packaging, warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment. “We provide turnkey fulfillment services for B2C and B2B, a 24/7 contact center, inventory management, PCI Level-One certified credit card processing, and a full range of unique solutions,” states Jay Stamerro, general manager and vice-president of USA Fulfillment.

With its expertise, best practices, and technologies, USA Fulfillment integrates into its clients’ business processes to solve the most complex logistics management challenges and make their supply chain a more agile, responsive function. During the sales process, the company gains much information about its client’s program through thorough analysis and presents a service tailored to their needs. “We don’t want any hidden charges, so we provide transparent pricing that they can count on,” adds Stamerro. USA Fulfillment allots a dedicated client services manager who is a stockholder within the company to onboard a client and move forward as per the project plan.

USA Fulfillment emphasizes a lot on secure and well-presented packaging and eCommerce shipments to ensure the level of customer experience during unboxing. “The social currency that brands receive from the unboxing experience and people sharing that virally is a necessity for differentiation in a very crowded marketplace,” adds Stamerro.

We are malleable and our goal is to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership with our clients

The call center agents at USA Fulfillment, using a conversational-style approach, handle customers with a personal touch with high service level commitments, ultimately resulting in more brand loyalty. The company also provides a dedicated account manager separately, acting as a single point of contact for each client. “If there is any issue with customer service or orders or inventory, all those things are handled by their dedicated account manager,” adds Stamerro.

USA Fulfillment is a one hundred percent employee-owned company. Ownership is seen in every one of the company’s departments, from senior management to call center agents to production team members. The company owns a facility on the East coast in Maryland, which is highly automated and specializes in small package fulfillment. Another one in Delaware is a typical warehouse facility for larger items, including B2B fulfillment. On the West coast side in Utah, the firm has a partner fulfillment company. “It makes sense to store inventory on two coasts and get the benefits oflower shipping costs, and shorter transit times,” states Stamerro.

For instance, in 2016, the United States Tennis Association approached USA Fulfillment before launching the USTA Net Generation program. The client needed much external support to get the fulfillment of their youth tennis initiative off the ground. USA Fulfillment conducted several meetings both off and onsite at their brand-new tennis campus to develop a brand-focused, cost-effective program for reaching new youth.USA Fulfillment assisted in selecting the size of the tennis kit they wanted to provide. The brand image was a key component, so USA Fulfillment sourced its complementary resources to improve the brand overall. USA Fulfillment worked with UPS to offer better prices on their large shipments and sent teams to NYC to finalize gift bags and logistics for the inaugural Arthur Ashe Kids Day powered by Net Generation. The program is flourishing today, and tennis interest amongst youth is at an all-time high. Moreover, USA Fulfillment agreed to change the contract to match the existing program 2-3 years later, which meant reducing costs for the client. “We are malleable and our goal is to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership with our clients,” states Stamerro.

Forging ahead, USA Fulfillment will continue to foray into the supplements industry since both of its East coast locations are registered as food facilities while the one on the West coast is a food and drug facility. The company aims to add more automation into its Delaware establishment and expand further on the West coast within the next couple of years. “We always pursue new technologies to enhance our service offerings,” concludes Stamerro.

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USA Fulfillment

USA Fulfillment

Chestertown, MD

Jay Stamerro, General Manager and Vice-President

USA Fulfillment supports e-commerce, B2C, and B2B clients across a diverse range of industries. The company is a small package specialist and helps clients manage their mission-critical supply chain. Since 1983, USA Fulfillment has provided consistently superior, individually-tailored solutions at very competitive prices