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Luigi Bianchi, CEO , Wexlog TechnologiesLuigi Bianchi, CEO
The logistics and transport industry serves as the backbone of almost every other sector. From moving or delivering goods to the storage, packaging, cargo handling, distribution, processing and data handling, the transport and logistics industry plays a vital role today. However, this sector has been witnessing tremendous changes driven by technological innovations, changing consumer demands and stringent regulations. As a result, companies face severe challenges in coping with the dynamics of this industry and efficiently integrating the changes into their existing workflows. To address these challenges, most companies look forward to partnering with logistics solution providers in order to enhance their internal workflows, improve their productivity, and minimise errors and overall cost.

Wexlog Technologies fulfils this requirement by serving as the go-to partners for businesses seeking to improve their supply chain operations with innovative and evolutive transport and logistics solutions. Founded in 2005, this European Software Vendor specialises in providing state-of-the-art software solutions for supply chain, transportation and logistics industries. Wexlog is driven by the mission of assisting clients in transforming themselves into ‘agile companies’ with the right information systems.

The company offers Wex4TL, a software solution with on-premise and oncloud features for transport and logistics 3PL/4PL management with multiple packages or modules. Its warehouse management system, WexWMS, provides third-party warehouse management, covering entry check, warehousing, picking, packaging and exit. Clients can seamlessly execute a total and unitary check, pre-allocation, physical allocation for incoming orders. In addition to this, WexWMS assists with the outgoing orders by facilitating the picking, mission execution, packaging, and shipping.

These capabilities enable logistics and transportation companies to streamline their processes and operate with speed and accuracy.

Not only the orders, but WexWMS allows to simplify the tasks related to managing inventories, inventory reports, stock levels, customer reports and master data of warehouse and so on.

Besides, Wex4TL brings to the table WexTWS, the cross-docking management system that assists in managing logistical platforms activities like loading and unloading, parcel labelling, quality control and several other activities. The processes for platform management and containerisation are often cumbersome and time taking, leading to delays in the overall processes. To address these challenges, Wexlog’s solution streamlines the workflows for zoning (customs, products regulated goods, and so on), inventories, reports, containerisation, accounting and returnable pallets, significantly benefitting the clients to improve their logistical activities. These tasks are executed through PDA(scanning device) or GUI. Further, WexTWS is connected to several other solutions offered by the company, including WexWMS that help deliver integrated solutions for the logistics companies.

  • Wexlog Technologies is a European Software Vendor that provides state-of-the-art software solutions for the supply chain, transportation, and logistics industries.

More importantly, Wexlog’s capability to function both on-premise and on the cloud enhances the flexibility of leveraging the solution. The on-premise option enables to manage the set of programs on the client’s dedicated servers by downloading each module as per their needs. In addition, the on cloud feature allows hosting on a public server or a dedicated server to suit the clients’ needs best. Wexlog focuses immensely on fostering strong relationships with its clients. The company precisely develops an understanding of the clients’ requirements and accordingly customises solutions to best fit their demands. Wexlog goes through “proof of concept” and gap analysis and consequently devises a project plan to implement, support and maintain the project.

Wexlog and its solutions are a result of the firm’s long-drawn expertise in the transport and logistics business. The team ensures leveraging innovative technologies and proven methodologies to offer clients a highly personalised IT solution to help clients garner a competitive advantage. In a nutshell, Wexlog Technologies has been ensuring to make businesses’ logistics operations seamless, hassle-free and cost-effective by leveraging the holistic operational software solution for transport and 3PL/4PL logistics management.

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Wexlog Technologies

Paris, France

Luigi Bianchi, CEO

Wexlog technologies is a European Independent Software Vendor specialized in providing and delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for Supply-Chain, Transportation, and Logistics industries. Wexlog Technologies fulfills this requirement by serving as the go-to partner for businesses seeking to improve their supply chain operations with innovative and evolutive transport and logistics solutions. Founded in 2005, this European Software Vendor specializes in providing state-of-the-art software solutions for supply chain, transportation, and logistics industries.