3 Material Handling Systems Tools Logistics Enterprises Must Adopt

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Friday, June 19, 2020

Material handling systems are automating procedures used in the warehouses during the production.

FREMONT, CA: The companies producing and selling tangible goods can strategically use material handling, also known as the intralogistics. Material handling is good for organizations because it will boost the processes used for production, increase the speed of operation, enhance customer service, and even reduce expenses.

Now various tools can be used for escalating the management of the warehouses. Some of the tools are used for storage, like mobile shelves. Likewise, sensors and management software can also be utilized for supervising the premises, data, and machines. Moreover, some devices can be used by employees like Beacon receivers and wearable devices. Apart from all these devices, the tools utilized for material handling consume a maximum of the share. 

Automated material handling systems 

Without changing the intralogistics operations, it is not possible to achieve a completely automated warehouse. It takes time and energy to store and handle pallets, packages, and other objects. Moreover, such work might even need more strength and intense care, like not damaging the paper rolls or tissues. These operations can be more precise, safe, less expensive, and efficient when conducted through a machine. 

Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Companies - 2020Here are some of the major processes that can be used for material handling in automated warehouses. 

1. The shuttles

The shuttles used in the warehouse are not scared of heavy loads, although it depends on the cargo. The warehouses can utilize these machines to move large packages or pallets that can weigh around a few quintals to a few tons. Therefore, the organizations that have to manage a high volume of pallets and have to indulge in extreme unloading and loading activities can use shuttles to do their jobs. 

2. AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

The most modernized form of automated material handling equipment is the automated guided vehicles. These driverless technologies are available in every shape and size. AGVs use sensors to provide information and guide the path from the point of arrival and departure.  

3. Conveyors with decision points

The warehouses can use conveyors for transferring their materials from one location to another, and they are an essential resource, particularly for the production department. The conveyors can be ideal for the warehouses as the conveyors' belts and the roller conveyors can even more backward and forward according to the requirement. Moreover, the machine also has other qualities like moving slowly, quickly, and even weighing and measuring the products. 

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