3PL Central Integrates its WMS solution into TMW's TruckMate

Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 28, 2021

The integration of an enterprise-level suite of solutions will equip supply chain organizations with enhanced capabilities to streamline their operations.

FREMONT, CA: The emergence of effective transport management has enabled organizations to augment their supply chain operations. 3PL Central, a cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider, recently partnered with TMW Systems, which delivers software, business intelligence, and other solutions to the North American transportation industry.

The collaboration will enable warehouse operators and carriers to incorporate 3PL Central’s cloud-based WMS—3PL Warehouse Manager—with TMW’s TruckMate, a Transportation Management System (TMS). The integration of the leading suite of productivity tools will significantly enhance the capabilities of organizations, promoting the acceleration of workflows, reduction of costs, and maximization of overall productivity.

3PL delivers cloud-based WMS to the Logistics and Warehousing Industry. Its products are designed to integrate with eCommerce enablement technologies, EDI providers, ERP platforms, accounting packages, shipping partners, and other supply chain technologies, equipping the clients with a complete warehouse management platform. 3PL’s software solutions have witnessed massive growth since 2006 with the introduction of enterprise-class WMS functionality designed for a wide range of warehouse operations.

TMW has revolutionized the freight industry with its transactional, visibility, decision support, and optimization solutions. It offers robust solutions for transportation management, fleet maintenance and management, business intelligence, bid management, freight visibility, and final mile routing, scheduling, and dispatching.

Warehouse operators can now handle multiple, high-volume orders using a single WMS solution. The end-to-end solution from the warehouse to the carrier can be implemented regardless of the origin of the shipment order. Supply chain organizations can work with carriers through TruckMate 3PL Warehouse Manager.

The integration of TruckMate and 3PL Central API will enable warehouse management operators to streamline their tasks, including the creation of new orders when shipping goods to and from warehouses. Organizations can subsequently update the orders to track changes and request actions from the user. It also allows the inquiry of specific order information, auto calculation of pallets, weights, dimensions, and freight calculations to streamline data entry and eliminate errors.

The collaboration between the two companies has enabled organizations to integrate robust solutions. It has allowed seamless optimization for organizations of all sizes and types, including those dealing in refrigerated, frozen, and dry goods, and much more.

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