Changing Face of Industries With Modern Technologies

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Monday, November 09, 2020

All the industries are changing due to rapidly evolving technology, but these changes are beneficial for some people and lose for others. Let’s see how these technologies are changing the work process.

FREMONT, CA: Modern technology is evolving at high speed and is changing the present condition and work environment of all the industries. This change is good as it is providing a streamlined work process, but on the other hand, it is a threat as it taking jobs of several workers. According to expectations, material handling of today is very different and depends on humans, and this will hardly stay if modern technologies will be introduced.

How automation and technologies are changing the way of material handling?

1. Automation can be a threat

In the present scenario, technologies have made life more comfortable. The only issue that arises is the cost. Many people are losing their jobs because new types of equipment are taking their place by doing the same role in less time. In all the industries, automation is ruling and replacing a lot of workers. Some machinery needs operators in such cases; it is fine, but some are fully automated and don’t need humans to operate them. This is making some people doubtful about automation. For instance, scanners, conveyor belts, robotic waiters, automated packing machines are some of the equipment which is creating a threat for the people. Fear is expected with any technological advancement. 

2. Sensors and logistics

Modern technologies are ruling all the industries; still, there are many works that depend on people, like placing the right product on the right conveyer belt. But now the modern sensors often detect the things correctly with the help of any sign or sticker provided on the target product. This leaves many fearing for their jobs. 

3. Replacing paper

With the changing time, all the industries are embracing digitalization above manual processes. It is going to be beneficial for a company if they get a lot of space by getting rid of large storage of paper. Because of this, many storage handling facilities are happy at the paper-less future that is getting closer. Earlier the paper used to be so reliable, but now it is not. Keeping stock of paper is not safe because even a small fire can destroy it quickly. On the other hand, digital data can be stored in the cloud and can be kept secure for years without any damage.

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