Delivering Integrated Logistics Solutions with Expansion of Innovative Warehouse Test Lab

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Innovative warehouse test facility proves to be an in-house solution for logistics service industries, which improves the sustainability and accuracy in the deliveries.

FREMONT, CA: Kenco Logistic Services, a company to delivering integrated logistics solutions, launched a dedicated physical warehouse as an expansion of the Supply Chain Innovation Lab. The lab space serves the test facilities for advanced logistic technologies. The warehouse test facility allows Kenco specialists to improve implementation speeds for the customers more accurately and sustainably. 

The blockchain warehouse test facility contributes to the expertise of supply chain engineers to deliver a wide range of logistics solutions by conducting the tests simultaneously. The initiative is a game-changer which decentralizes the infrastructure and builds a trust layer for business logic. The reduction of time delays, cost, and human errors turn the logistic service easier and safer across the organization. Due to the distributed ledger framework, the developers focus on the building robust and industry-specific applications more. Investing a considerable amount of research and development in the warehouse test facility can deliver an enterprise-level inventory management with cradle-to-grave logistics for the clients.

Introduction of the technologies like NextShift Robotics, a cloud-based AI and software suites initiate a unique autonomous mobile robotics solution and leverage the transformations of manual fleets of material handling vehicles. The innovative lab benefits the Kenco team to assess value-added technology with full visibility for solutions. With the advanced facilities, testing can be done for technological advances outside of living operations, which not only enhance supply chain management solutions but improve the implementation speed for the customers. Usages of cutting edge technologies create an incredible potential to achieve a flawless performance in supply chain value.

Kenco Logistic Services provides distribution and fulfilment, comprehensive transportation management, real estate management, material handling services, and information technology with excellent operational engineering. It majorly recognizes the vital role of services in a customer’s business. By delivering a seamless solution for the complex logistics issues, Kenco goals for a drive with exceptional service values and builds lasting customer relationship.

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