Ensuring Safety with Contactless Food Delivery

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The contactless delivery system can rejuvenate the businesses of the restaurants amidst the pandemic. Opting for this mode of delivery is beneficial for both the customers as well as the delivery personnel. 

Fremont, CA: The picture of dining and dine-out has surprisingly changed with the outbreak of COVID-19. While the majority of restaurants had to close their dine-out options, they had to design a safe delivery service for generating their revenue. The restaurants that did not possess any online ordering and delivery service before the pandemic had to enforce this system to meet the daily challenges.

However, a standard food delivery system might be insufficient in this crisis, as the customers, as well as the service providers, might fear a rapid spread of the disease. So as a precautionary measure, the system of contactless delivery has come into vogue, ensuring a safe and risk-free delivery system with no interaction between the delivery driver and the buyer.

Let's look at the steps that a restaurant can adopt for an efficient contactless delivery system.

Top 10 Contactless Delivery Solution Companies in Europe - 2020Adding the contactless delivery feature in the online system

The application, or web browser that customers use for visiting the restaurant site, must include the option for contactless delivery. The restaurants that employ third-party services already include a no-contact delivery option. However, if the restaurant depends on the in-house ordering system or does not have any online website, then they will need to develop a complete webpage with these facilities.

Training the delivery drivers 

For restaurants relying on the in-house system, they must efficiently train their drivers with the essentials of a contactless delivery system. They must know the suitable ways of carrying the food and dropping them off at the customers' doorsteps. They must have the information regarding the payment status, as the system of contact-free delivery does not accept regular cash payments or receipt signatures.

Promoting Contactless delivery

A safe and efficient contactless delivery system eliminates the doubt of infection among the potential customers. Promoting the no-contact delivery system of the restaurant through social media platforms, website advertisements, and other sources is a need of the hour.

Proper disinfection and sanitization

The restaurant must ensure that the food containers, packaging materials, and the surfaces in contact with them are sanitized properly before letting the food to the driver. The driver must also be aware of this hygiene and follow the best practices. 

In this hour of crisis, contactless or no-contact delivery must not be a mere marketing strategy but should be in implementation. The health of the delivery executives, drivers, and customers is of paramount importance today. There is no space for any compromises on this aspect. In the long run, these practices, ensuring good health of all, can be the assets of the business.

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