How is Material Handling Boosting Warehouse Productivity?

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Material handling helps in focusing on the concept of increasing warehouse productivity, boost worker morale, and protect the workers.

Fremont, CA: Material handling impacts productivity in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. On the arrival of a shipment, a good material handling process makes sure that the goods get from the dock to the appropriate rack on time. It also accounts for proper control of materials. Users can also mitigate theft, damage, and spoilage with a material handling process, limiting access to certain parts of the warehouse to particular employees. Proper material handling enables warehouses to store goods in an organized manner, making it easier to pick and pack inventory for outgoing shipments.

Role of Warehouse Layout in Material Handling

Warehouse layout substantially influences the material handling system; a poor warehouse layout causes bottlenecks, increases motion waste, and raises the risk of injury due to manual material handling. A well-designed warehouse layout streamlines processes, decreases worker movements, and effectively impacts employees’ mental and physical health.

Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Companies - 2020Investing material handling in automated systems

By increasing the inventory of automated tools, like the ones listed in the engineering systems category, introduces new efficiency and betters material handling. For example, if a business working with a large volume of goods and limited space, it can benefit from an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). The computer-controlled system stores and retrieves products automatically from predefined locations within the warehouse.

Implementing the warehouse management system (WMS)

WMS software provides visibility over the entire warehouse operation. While a WMS offers many benefits in material handling, it is especially useful, with all the credit to the use of advanced ship notices (ASN). An ASN intimates a warehouse when the shipments are en route, allowing them to plan by scheduling staff and freeing up equipment.

The material handling process is responsible for the warehouse’s productivity efforts. Effective material handling processes keep the production flowing, ensure that the goods reach their destination in real-time, prevent workplace injuries, and elevate overall employee morale. In simple terms, it is an essential part of a good supply chain, and it will ensure that the warehouse stays in top operational shape by routinely monitoring and improving it.

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