Why is Contactless Delivery on the Rise?

By Logistics Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The future of contactless delivery is bright because its demand is increasing among several industries, particularly during such critical situation like COVID-19.

FREMONT, CA: The demand for contactless deliveries is increasing, and it is essential for companies to apply it and their customers to accept the latest systems. The contactless delivery systems have several features, and the most significant one is the tracking method. 

Presently a rapid growth had been witnessed in the contactless delivery market because of the recent pandemic of COVID-19. However, the pandemic has shown the companies the benefits of contactless deliveries and the bright future it has. 

During this pandemic, when the countries lockdown contactless deliveries made it easy to carry goods required by the consumers from one place to another. Furthermore, if someone wants to deliver something to their friends or family living in some other part of the city, the contactless delivery service can do that on their behalf, thus prohibiting them from going out.  

Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Companies - 2020Autonomous Vehicles to the Rescue

The unmanned vehicles were of extreme use during such crucial times. The autonomous cars helped the countries to fight against the COVID-19. Several countries used dozens of such driverless vehicles to move medical supplies and food from one place to another. The frontline healthcare workers in the infected areas used to get the supplies of the necessary items as fast as possible due to the autonomous vehicles. Due to all these benefits offered by driverless cars, the market researchers forecast that its demand will increase in the future. 

Conducting Trade with BlockChain

In trade, the parties involved will get every information about the progress when the ships carrying their cargo is a part of blockchain networks that leaves the port. The parties will have access to every information like estimated arrival time, customs information, shipment date, inspections, product quantities, QA verification, and other necessary details. 

Moreover, the logistic blockchain also helps decrease the paperwork and bureaucracy by keeping track of the products and their movements from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and customers.

Automation on the Oceans

Using an unmanned ship to cross oceans with goods can be a massive leap for maritime technology. The shore stations can operate and monitor these ships with the help of automated technology. 

In the future, with the rapid advancement of technology, it will become easy for them to navigate by themselves. The operators can use high-resolution cameras, innovative satellite communication systems, and sensors to keep the ships away from danger and on-course.

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